Ode to Ignorance

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Ode to ignorance

By Ally Benson

She arrived with a heart full of hope

Her small, fragile hand in her fathers

The pitter patter of her tiny white shoes

Echoing throughout the wide, looming hall.

Her hair was tied in a small blue bow

And her eyes were wide with wonder.

There was a slight skip in her step,

Laced with excitement,

Utterly and ignorantly absent of anxiety.

A light backpack

Weighed heavy on her little shoulders

But she was not bothered.

Her heart skipped with the rhythm of her feet

And her miniscule little body

Radiated with elation.

She wondered


How the other children

Would greet her.

Would they love

The ruffles

In her small blue dress?

She was eager

To be surrounded

By her own kind.

In her mind

There was not a single thought

Of grief

Only the idea

That each person

Was filled with the radiance

Of a shining sun

And carried the same kindness

That had been with her

Through the entirety of her life.

She had never touched a shadow

Or shed a tear

And only light

Had ever fallen on her face.

She shone

With the innocence

And love that she was born with.

She was a child.

Unaware that the compassion

She had to give

Would be beaten out of her;

Not even dimly conscious

That she was walking

Into the building that would kill her.

She persisted

Without the slightest clue

That her small feet

Would never grow to their full potential

And her story

Would be so brief.

No no,

She kept walking forward,


Her tiny feet kept moving

Through the hall

Her heart still full,

Her spirit still high,

She continued,

Her small,

Quiet white shoes


Bringing her to death.


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My community
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Our world
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I was inspired to write this poem when I came across a childhood picture of myself. I don't have many baby pictures documented because I am the youngest child in my family. It was a school photo from kindergarten, and I couldn't help feel a pang of sadness when I saw my smile. School was hard for me because I was often ridiculed, and seeing that picture of myself before the verbal abuse, the ridicule, before I changed almost everything about myself to conform to my peers standards made me envy that happy, carefree little girl. I'm thankfully no longer bullied, but it was hard back then, living in a constant state of dread for school the next day. I wrote this poem in the hope that someone would come across it and be awakened to the reality of what they might be putting someone through, that it would strike sympathy into someone's heart, maybe a fellow student, a teacher, or a coworker of someone struggling.

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