The Girl You See


United States
34° 29' 7.5588" N, 117° 25' 13.4292" W

The girl you see
Is not the girl I used to be.
This little girl you see used to have glittering eyes,
But now I think I deserves a noble prize
For this remarkable disguise.

I've been bullied & afraid
For these past few days.
Tormented and harassed
in so many ways.

Fat, dumb, lazy,
Those are the words
That I am called daily.
I cry so much,
My parents must think I'm a cry baby.

These feelings that I have
Deep down inside.
Makes it feel so hard
Just for me to get by.

People just don't understand,
I want to show them who i really am.
I'm just so scared of rejection,
I cant even stand my own reflection.

There are so many things
I want to say.
But even if i tried,
I don't think I would be given the time of day.

I wake up every morning,
& stare up at the deep blue sky
I whisper to myself, "Lord why?"
As I'm turning away,
I hear someone say,

"My dear sweet child,
Do not walk away in dismay.
And don't you dare think for a second
That the love i have for you
Has faded away.

So wipe those tears away
And carry on with your day.
From this day on,
You will cry no longer.
And just remember, what doesn't kill you
Only makes you stronger."


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