All my Life I been going through the same thing

At times want to give up 

Because of all this pain

Trying to prove people wrong 

They say I wont change 

Well why judge me when they are doing the same thing

Cant judge me, why judge me , dont judge me


Im not a bad child I never been

They judge based on my religion 

Saying its a sin

Because im lesbian

So they down me

Im not going to make it to college

They say

I aint going to be nobody 

Im a girl who rather call her self bobby 

Im a girl who has feelings just like yourself

Why judge me when I dont judge nobody else

Cant judge me, why judge me, dont judge me


One day I will prove these people wrong

I wont be on the street 

Without a home

I will be somebody

Somebody they once said would be a nobody

I will show the world 

You cant judge based on appearence

One day I pray I can make a difference

Cant judge me, why judge me,dont judge me





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