The wake of Shakespeare arrived
Poetic genius reborn
To tell a tale in rhyme
However odd of one.

I shall not wait until three
To tell it to thee
That this is a tragedy
Listen now to me

I tell the story of a girl
Whose torture caused by others
Leads her to kill herself
Despite the love of a mother

Nothing replaces
The love of friends
For this young girl
Who wants to make amends

Soon she finds
The world is cruel
And decides
To leave the jewel

She doesn’t quiet
That she has
The upper hand

So in the quiet of the night
With her hand around a knife
She decides to
Quickly end her life

He mother finds her
On the floor
Of the bathroom
Near the door

Crying out
“Oh why, oh why”
The mother quickly
Checks for life

Seeing that
Her baby’s gone
She soon runs
To find the sun

She buries her child
Gone before her time
As the daughter
Watches from behind

She silently leaves
Up a staircase
Into a room
Filled with grace

Those on earth
Mourn their loss
But in truth
She’s better off

My story is done
Now you know
The feeling of the girl
You bullied years ago

Think before you speak
For even in the day
If love is far off
People can silently slip away


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