That One Kid


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That one kid
that one kid who is quiet and kind
that one kid who is different in the mind
that one kid who is oft ignored
that one kid who couldn't see why.

That one kid
that one kid you had decided to pick on
that one kid who judges none
that one kid who is never adored
by so-called empathies by whom she was taunted.

That one kid
that one kid who trusted so easily
that one kid who would give aid to any
that one kid who had been befriended but then slighted
that one kid of whom often is taken advantage.

That one kid
that one kid who is honest to a fault
that one kid whose opinions were taken with a grain of salt
that one kid who desperately wished to throw in the elementary towel to escape their sight
that one kid who had the slight idea to end it all.

That one kid who had been bullied and teased and talked about behind her back
for reasons she couldn't understand.

That one kid you've ignored, slighted, and passed over
or perhaps for no reason at all.

That one kid to whom you've talked down, whom you've humiliated, whom you've blamed for reasons unknown...

Yet that one kid is now in high school getting A's and B's
That one kid is treating everyone with the respect she once didn't receive
That one kid is still quiet and kind
That one kid still has more empathy than you will ever gather in mind
That one kid is graduating high school and has the intent to graduate with a degree in Psychology
That one kid is happy with her life and is even prouder to be different from all...

But that one kid is not without SCARS...

And I write to express those scars...

I am Auzha R. Wilkie, and I am that one kid.



This poem came out of my heart as well... as you can see, the scars are still here inside me. You can't physically see them, but they are there...

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