Under The Umbrella

I know it might seem like the world is crashing down

Trust me I know what it's to feel like that

It feels like you're standing in the rain without an umbrella

Stuck in an eternal darkness

But if you look just a little closer to the light you'll see the umbrella

And under it are the millions of people like you

Who were standing in the rain all alone

Who wanted to jump off the cliff

And hang off the rope

But they're all under the umbrella because they reached out for the umbrella

Now you do that

Nothing is wrong with you because you like the same gender

Nothing is wrong with you because you were abused

You're still beautiful even if the bullies say you're not

It's not your faults your parents yell

You're not dirty for living under the well

Just keep on swimming little fishy, and maybe one day you'll become a swan, and be able to get out of the water and onto land.

And when you come under the umbrella

I'll be the first person to welcome you back.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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