I am a weed

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 13:40 -- Alissa


A weed

in a lawn full of grass.

A disturbance an annoyance

Ugly and fowl.

a weed surrounded by grass

 is different.

 stands out among the rest

from appearance it is not much

a weed is no flower, no rose

labled as a nuisance by those who cant see true beauty.


easily trimmed, can be told where to grow

dies without the assistance of the gardener

stylish, pretty, or soft

grass is weak.

the weed is strong

you try using pesticide

but the weed returns

stronger than before.

 doesnt need attention

or trimming, or watering

strong, independent, adapting

a weed is strong

weeds dont come alone

we are tough

hard to remove.

Life is battle

 survival for the fittest.

now repeat after me

I am that weed.




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