It's Up To Us!

They say they help us to acheive,

This is what they make us believe.

But, can't you see the darkness creeping down the hall,

As they take the last bit of innocence left for us, as they take our confidence to stand tall.


School supports bullying and judgment,

They don't truly care what happens as long as they can keep their budget.

Suicide is high these days, 

But no one cares enogh to make it go away.


Can't you see it's left up to us, the teens.

We must stand together as a team,

Never let them see us fall down to our knees.

To stop this war is our true destiny!


We can do this by ourselves,

We don't need them for they will overwhelm!

So stand with me against the bully,

Let me make you understand fully.

This poem is about: 
My community


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