the verge


United States
32° 44' 5.622" N, 117° 5' 49.416" W
United States
32° 44' 5.622" N, 117° 5' 49.416" W

I’m on the verge of setting free

of all the pretty things left inside me

does that scare you?

I’m on the brink of an exploitation

a coming out

a celebration

does that scare you?

once I freely expose

the talk of the town beneath these clothes-

the whispers under my skin

my world from within.

will that scare you?

i’ll turn it all out-

both legs covered in doubt.

one arm coated in fears

the other drenched in tears

I know that’ll scare you.

my lips will read “hate”

my heart, “l-o-v-e”

both screaming out loud

“I hate you keep loving me”

it’s twisted,

but doesn’t it scare you?

my eyes will tell you lies

a classic instrument of disguise

just look cautious into my soul

take a jacket-it gets cold.

don’t be reckless in there

don’t tamper w/my despair

don’t play in my sorrow

it’ll haunt you tomorrow.

and then my mind will reveal

nothing but the truth,

about all the Love I’ve got-

just not for you.

i don’t love you.

I don’t love you.

5,000 times 

I don’t love you.

I figured this might scare you,

I didn’t know it would kill you. 



Mafi Grey

Wow, this was really good. I can see the fear and the power of four words, I don't love you...

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