The Jock

The Jock. By Jenna Williams Varsity jackets and nike crew socks. All you do is sit with friends and mock. Strutting around, thinking you own the place Do you think you can walk a slower pace? You are practiced at handling balls Apparently that means you've got it all. Party it up every weekend There are fights that eventually amend. You move an object from point A to B Why is that supposed to impress me? The winning touch down or a slam dunk Congrats, you are a narcissistic punk Get both of your hands out of your pants You are lucky someone doesn’t tell Mrs. Kantz. I’m surprised your head doesn’t tip with its mass You think you’re king, but you’re just an ass. Thinking you are so cool and full of swag But just seeing you makes me want to gag. Sure, in high school you’re good with a bat But after, “Do you want fries with that?”

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