Being a Bully

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 15:02 -- RayO126
Aren’t you ashamed
Of what you do?
Someone goes home with tears on their face
Since they feel so alone
And ashamed
Of who they are
Because you were mean
And said some things
There is a word for people like you
Pure and simple
Hidden intent
To make them weak
Giving you power
Feeling stronger
At their expense
The victims
Of your hate filled words and intent
Pushing them around
So you feel superior
You’re a bully
And you always will be
Causing another human being
Those worn torn feelings
Of inadequacy
That increases as it goes on
Words do hurt
And what you say
Can have a lasting impact
On those around you
Since you decided to be
A bully
And the feelings don’t simply go away
The number of victims
Increase everyday


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