Smile Through Her Tears

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 15:08 -- LexiAnn

Blankly she stares out,

Wide-eyed at the broken world.

Trying not to scream and shout,

Yearning to be a normal girl.


She opens her mouth to speak,

Everyone turns away to judge.

Deep inside she’s bleeding and weak.

Why is she never good enough?


From brilliant head to tiny toe,

She dons no colors but black

To cover up the pain she knows

And the things they think she lacks.


Inch by inch the bitter world turns away

In utter hatred ice cold.

She folds up inside herself to stay,

Her story still untold.


No one knows what she goes through

Week after week, year after year.

Regardless, she’ll glisten like the morning dew

And smile through her tears.

Why was she in pain?

No one will ever know

Because we pushed her away.

How can the world be so low?


If only we could have left

Our human selves behind,

If we could have let go of judgment

She would have finally been alright.


Deep inside we’re all in pain.

The world isn’t happy anymore.

Fighting over what we can gain,

Pushing feelings out the door.


Her self-esteem has plummeted so low,

She doesn’t want to go on.

She’s about to let go.

Now, it won’t be long.


Let’s let go of human ways

And look at what’s within.

Let’s puts smiles on her face

Instead of cage her in.



That was really pretty. My favorite part was when you said "Deep inside we're all in pain. The world isn't happy anymore. Fighting over what we can gain, pushing feelings out the door." That part was really clever. I can relate to it because I suffer from depression, so I found it to be interesting =)


Thank you. I used to suffer from depression too. People bully me a lot. But I just tell myself that in the end everything will be ohkay. If its not ohkay, then its not the end. Just keep your head up:) trust me.

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