Sat, 01/25/2014 - 12:43 -- amrg3

Watch her run. Watch her run down the hallway. Let your laughter ricochet off the walls after her. Never let her get away without crying; that ruins the fun.  


It will be okay. They are just kids after all. They will drop it eventually.


Take out your iPhone 4G, and open the Facebook application. Find her page and type those five letters: W-H-O-R-E. Call up your friends; it will be more fun if more of you are involved.


If this problem is not disrupting her learning, there really is not anything we can do; legal limitations.


Watch everyone laugh and stare as she passes by. Notice her hair is short, and the red rims around her eyes do not fade away anymore. Hear it when your best friend yells out “I didn’t think boys could be whores too.” Laugh along with her; it’s just a joke after all; who cares?


What? They stopped? That’s great. Now everything will be okay.


Stuff the notes and hate messages in the vents of her locker. Listen to the group of underclassman girls laugh about the barrage of nasty Tweets they sent her last night. Feel the satisfaction that your fire is now spreading, and everyone admires you for it. Watch as the flood of papers erupts from her locker, framing her in the hateful passion that everyone else finds funny. Laugh harder than you ever have as you watch the maniacal look on her face. After all, this is just a joke.


Yes, we do have rope. What do you need it for? Climbing? Yard work?


Remember back to when this all started, you just chose her because she was the new girl. Remember how she wore her hair a different way and wore clothing that was ‘in’ three seasons ago. Remember when she started the weight gain, and she wasn’t just a freak anymore; she was a FAT freak. Remember when you ruined her first and only date. Remember how great it felt to be leading the firing squad instead of being the target.


Honey, I’m going out to the store. I should be back in a bit.


Admire the length that one joke can carry through. Admire all your followers and everyone that supports this. And bask in the glow of your popularity, the key that allowed you to rise above the rest and drown those trying to swim.




Attend her funeral. Sit there. Watch the tears of her family, especially her little sister. She was her sister’s hero, didn’t you know? Regret every word you said to her, even the first one, because you never even bothered saying hello.


(copyright 2013 AMRG3)


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