Have you ever met someone,

And thought that it was for real,

And that the friendship would last forever?


Have you ever had that person stab you in the back?

Or lie straight to your face?

Or spread rumors like wildfires?


Have you ever had every person you know hate you for no reason at all?

Because of a stupid rumor that they heard?

Because it sucks. 






It sucks when the people that you thought were your friends never really were.

And it sucks to hear whispers everywhere you go.

And the worst thing?

Not having a single person defend you, because not a single person cares.


It's enough to drive you crazy,

To send you reeling over the edge.

And guess what?

After awhile,

It's enough to make someone kill themselves,

Because they are all alone.

This poem is about: 
My community


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