Bombs Away

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 20:16 -- Shay093


United States
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Bombs away/ silent murder

Let me super glue myself to one spot for you
That way I can be a easy target
I know I have a problem with speaking up
And the fact that I am the perfect hate crime
Does not essentially help me
It’s a shame that every community I belong to
Has airplanes ready to drop bombs on me
I am the enemy
To men
I am a women
The very thing that gave birth to their existence
And yet the punching bag to their failed childlike ego’s
I am great for taking his mind off work but not for being his boss
I am the first lady but not the president
I am the enemy
To the majority
I am the minority
I belong to kings and queens and was dragged here to be treated less than
I wear my race like a 1st place Olympic gold medal
Although they see it as leopard spots
The first thing they notice when they see me is the melanin in my skin
Because my skin tone is natural and they have to work hard just to “tan”
Jealousy becomes you
I am the enemy
To the LGBTQ
I am a stepping stone
the B for bi is right in the middle
We hold the LG and the TQ together
Yet we are bashed as if we are not part of their rainbow
As if we don’t bleed in color
Every flag I could wave s drenched in red
I was bullied just like them on the orange yellow school bus
Beaten down onto the grass of this beautiful green earth
I’ve ran away thousands of times starring at the blue sky
My imaginary friend indigo was the only one who accepted me
I use to pick violets while counting all the people that hated me
I am the enemy
I am different

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