Lost and Forgotten


d the ability to get a glance at the figure of the physique under the black veil I've cast upon myself, I applaud.
To those who haven't, I am grateful.
Such a hideous beast behind such a beautiful disguise is unheard of
And shall remain
I am afraid for anyone to see
That there isn't a decent human being in me
And see behind those eyes 
Those dark escaping eyes that swallow the lights in the sky 
The secrets they whisper 
Ever so calmly 
Ever so discreetly
And behind those words he injects his rage to those he tentatively tends to cherish 
There's a void 
And behind that smile he shares
That everyone loves to see
The social indication that everything is better than alright
Is a farce 
It is forced 
This isn't me
But I've learned to deceive all too well
To lie without a shutter of the eye
Or The mutter or slur in speech
At this point I'm...
Lost and Forgotten
Abandoned and Cold

I guess I'm Ungrateful


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