The decisions she's made lurk behind her like a predator and it's prey
She's never known where she belonged
She's never known what to say
Her voice weak in the crowds
She cannot speak
She cannot be heard
Not even by herself
She's lost
Her thoughts wasted
Her mind and heart triggered by emotions so big it's like an explosion
She's never been strong
She probably never will
Her past still haunts her
And it always will
Had my decisions filled every last thought with regret
Can I take it all back
Hoping I'll have another chance at making things right
But the time goes by
The clock ticks
Her life flying by her but her mind stuck in time
She will forever remain
In that place
That place that is destroying her heart
And she's so kind and loving
But she's giving up
And she's letting go
not of the things that destroy her but of the things that keep her going the things That show her there will be better times
But she knows in her heart there will never be better times because she's never been good enough and will never qualify for happiness
This is as good as it gets and this is terrible
This is standing in the fire
While it Slowly eats your life away
Until you take your Very

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Ana sanchez

This poem is amazing!


Thank you ☺️

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