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Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat.
What should I wear, should I eat that?
Should I talk slower, should I walk faster
Am I too talkative?
Should I shut up?
Am I not good enough, am I too much?
Am I too tall or too small for him, her, them, 
their thoughts, their standards their society stares
at me, the one who is not enough.
These should not be the thoughts, of... well.. me, of we, us,
the teenagers of today's world,
the people who are soon to run the globe the kids who's parents shot them down just because we weren't the thoughts they imagined us to be when we were born or in the womb.
We can not consume and process the words and thoughts that people have not yet had but are soon to be because we are not enough.
Why the hell am I still breathing 
When I'm always thinking about leaving 
This world is not believing me when I tell them
that their words are not enough, this life is not enough,
I am not enough.
Sadly, these are the thoughts of us.
Even if we are the future,
the past comes to stab us in the back and haunt us until the day we pass by a mirror and finally look, and see us for ourselves, instead of who they say we are.
You look, and you finally see that mirrors and pictures deceive,
we are not who we see,
because we cannot see ourselves without the aid of the things that are made to create 3D images into 2D screens,
and unfortunately enough we have not invented a mirror of our soul, which by far is the true beauty, which we don't need acne medication and hair dye to purify,
it is the one thing about us that people cannot understand when they send us the looks and thoughts of judgment and pretend that they love us,
but if looks did not exist,
I believe the world finally address the fact, that
we are enough. 
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