Suicidal Imagery


In my eyes, you'll find a tear drop

That needs to be talked off of the ledge

In my mind, you'll find these weird thoughts

That need to be talked out of my head

In my heart, you'll find a clear spot

A hole

Where I once bled


And in my ears

All I hear is 


"You're a freak that everyone wants dead!"


I guess they got their wish




The boy or girl who's poem you just read


 Signed at the end in burgundy red pen

"yours truly the person with no friends."


At the bottom there's a picture

Maybe their little sister

To the right it says " I'll miss her"

With light blue ink and a sticker

To the left was glue scissors and a yellowish green elixir


That they drank to end they're misery. 


And they titled the poem


suicidal imagery.


In your eyes I see a glimmer

and a shimmer of hope to hold on to

In my mind you are a winner

with your finger held high

In your heart I see passion

taking action because you want to


and in my ears

what I hear is


"You're one of a kind... I want to be just like you!"


You're loved and respected

and in case you haven't guessed it

or you haven't learned the lesson

You wouldn't be alive if I hadn't been asked the question

What would I change?


Sucide will die, Bullying will disappear

Love will stay alive, and it will be sincere

... Pass it on!



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