The Fear Inducing Dirty Little Sprite

In daylight around my peers

My stature and character becomes sharp as if it were a spear.

But everyday has a night

This is where my anxiety begins creating this dirty little sprite.

The dirty little sprite constantly locks away my spear

Truly something I hold close to dear.

Without my weapon I am defenseless

And now come the monsters who are dreadfully horrendous.


Now after me as I grow a deep desperation.

Now hopeless and dreary

I begin to wish I would have met a fairy.

Wait! What is that in the distance?

Can it be my peers here for assistance?

IT IS! To my delight they are here to save me from this fright.

They fight with love and affection

Truly taking this battle in a one way direction.

Overcoming these monsters was a great ordeal

But with my peers I can now say my monsters are sealed.




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