Invisible Walls


United States
37° 44' 5.0784" N, 122° 12' 51.5952" W

I would like to find the truth.
I want someone that loves me.
At this moment I can’t rest in peace.
Nostalgia is present with me every day of my life.
I don’t have any friends.
I am tired of playing this game every day.
I am not able to go out and be social; blaming it on my shyness.
I have a fear of rejection and judgment.
I am lock inside my room most of the day just like olives in a can that are nearly never opened.
I want to travel the world and discover it’s offering and new things and see and learn cultures.
I want to spread my wings like doves being released from a basket.
There is a difficulty of obtaining a good life and being kept financially secure.
Every day I dream of things that I want to help my education and my quality of life.
I feel like dying and committing suicide but I am scared to do it because I care for my future.
Do I have to be happy to be where I am from?


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