He told me, "Put down the cigarette,"
Worried I'd get sick. 
I looked at him with regret,
Craving nicotine like a nervous tick. 
We left around half past twelve,
Just to clear the air,
Leaving my heart on the shelves. 
He asked, "Is this really fair?
Breaking my heart this way?"
He reiterated his worry.
And I laughed it all away
"Don't fret, my honey. 
I'm clean and new.
My heart has been glued
And is no longer in two. 
I'm eating my food -
See look! My ribs!
They're aren't as pronounced. 
Maybe one day we really can have kids."
His hand held mine as he denounced 
That I was still no good,
I was still no better
Than before emotions would flood
His heart, I still his debtor.
So on I went,
Forward to the waves,
And on this pole I leant,
Until I came to with sun's rays...
And became one with the sea. 
She is more than I would ever be.

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