Hanging by a Thread

     Athens high school was home to some of the best and most talented gods and goddesses in all of Greece. This high class school was home of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite. Arachne was one of the least popular students on campus who wasn’t very well known and was usually picked on by the popular kids. She tried to make potions, run for class president, and even tried to do things no one else could do but she was not good at any of those things. One day, she walked into the art classroom and tried weaving her personal problems away. While she was weaving, a small crowd formed around her to watch. They were very fascinated at how well she was doing and enjoyed her work. One of the students watching her was Athena. A very popular girl who was well known for her beautiful art and perfect grades. She watched Arachne weave away and congratulated her for finding a talent. But Arachne did not like Athena especially for the way her friends treat her. So out of spite she mocked Athena by claiming to be much better than her. Out of anger, Athena proposed a contest against Arachne that would take place after school- beast weaver wins. She accepted and mocked her again before walking off to her next class. When the time came, the whole school gathered to watch the two goddesses face off. Athena wished her competitor good luck, but Arachne insulted her. Athena went first, weaving four scenes where the lower class students would mock and insult the more popular students. She smirked and waited for her opponent to begin. Arachne went straight to work weaving a story opposite of what Athena created: where the popular student would constantly pick on anyone below their popularity ranking. It didn’t help Athena when she saw how Arachne did a better job compared to her own work. Furious, she grabbed a potion out of Hecate’s hands and threw it straight at Arachne- transforming her into a spider. She yelled at Arachne, telling her that she deserved what was coming to her for her boasting and insulting. 

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