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Life is... 

All about  



What is easy for you, 

May be hard for 

Someone else. 


What is hard for you, 

May be easy for 

Someone else. 


It's too easy to 

Jump to conclusions. 

False conclusions. 



A straight A student, with 

Everything she 

Could ever want. 


Now, imagine... 

A student with 

Poor grades, who 

Only has what she needs. 


Who has the better life? 

The second student? 

The first student? 


Based on assumptions... 

You would guess 

The first student. 


Would you be 

Surprised to know 

That the first student, 

Is the wrong choice? 


The first student, 

Hates life 

And wants to die. 


She is bullied everyday. 

Not just at school, 

But at home too. 


Her peers call her 

An ugly, fat, know it all. 

"Kill yourself." 


Her parents tell 

Her, she isn't 

Reaching her potential. 


Her parents tell 

Her, she can't 

Do anything right. 


Try and try as 

She might, 

She always fails. 


She feels as though 

She'll never do 

Anything right. 

Never make her parents happy. 


She forces herself to 

Work hard in school. 

She stays after, 

To please her parents. 


She starts wearing 

Makeup and  

Uncomfortable clothes, 

To try to be considered  



She slowly stops eating. 

First, she skips a meal 

And then another. 

Until she stops eating 



She only eats  

On occasion. 

When she does,  

She sticks her 

Fingers down her throat. 


Her peers slowly  

Start to accept  

Her, as she 

Grows thinner and thinner. 


She begins to 

Become depressed. 

Overwhelmed with sadness 

And self hate. 


She locks herself  

In the bathroom, 

Razor blade in hand. 


Her peers love her, 

Finally accepted. 

They don't know 

About the mutilation 

Beneath her clothes. 


A month later, 

She's in a hospital. 

Clinging to life. 



The second student, 

Is bullied too. 

She is told the 

Same things as 

The first student. 


"Know it all." 



"Kill yourself." 
"Not reaching potential." 

"Can't do anything right." 


She doesn’t pay 

Attention to 

What they say. 


She only 

Listens to  

What she thinks. 


Blocking all 

The negativity  

Comes easy 

To her. 


She is alive. 

The first student, 

Is dead. 


Killed by the 

Cruelness of 

The world. 


Just because it's  

Easy for you, 

Doesn't mean 

It's easy for 

Someone else. 


Life is... 

All about 




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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