punch right,jump to the


punch right,

jump to the left

run away

there's no time left

jump up

over the rolling barrel

look behind you

their still there

look forward

they cut you off

turn the corner

what you doing?

hide away

they keep running

what's left to say?


walk in school

the very next day

all conversations, go silent

look around, back into a trash can

laughter fills the air

disgrace, displaced

how can they laugh?

You just run away, instead


At home, wish to sleep

But you don't sleep a wink

5 kids, 4 graves,

you survived, hey

dad's drunk, again

mom's working night shift again,

what's left, to say?


at school, pushed around

your life's their playground

rope, theater, round the neck,

wished they did it instead

gone gone gone...


next day, kids come to school

they've seen what you have done

the error of their ways

the last words you sprawled

across the hallways, cross the lockers, every wall in red spray paint

You didn't know me, didn't help me, now I...

am gone again.



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