Broken Wings


Broken Wings


Through Melancholic disposition, we are refuges in arms of other sinners

 Walking the earth, leaving footsteps of anxiety and fear

Receiving stampedes of tears

Grieve sustains the darkest and deepest thoughts

And paralyzes all the gold

Turning faces and fading smiles, stars and lost constellations

Nothing but a refuge of society’s imperfection

Anonymous voices who cause nothing but pain

Should I go now? I’ll leave quietly

All that’s left to escape is I 

Because as the sunrise falls, the person whom I desire to ardently erase is no one else but myself

Anchored deception and nothing but isolation

Stitches soon to fall apart and ashes of life disasters

Little by little light fades away

Help me…I’m falling once again

But while I stand outside of the box I wait for hope to knock my door

And bring me back to life because I don’t want to drown

There is so much I desire to accomplish

And no one will ever cut my wings

Tonight and forever I will soar high

I’ll take these broken wings and learn to fly 


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