Sat, 03/04/2017 - 00:02 -- BN15

As I slowly scroll

I read poem after poem about an aching deep with in the soul


They tell how they were effected

by the pain that was inflected.


It’s too much of a norm

and no one seems to care about the harm.


I want to ask if being a bully through their words or actions

brings about some sort of satisfaction?


I’m not sure I care

because I’m more concerned about the burdened others have to bare. 


Little one listen close,

cause I might be able to help you through a few of those lows. 


Stay you

and don’t worry about their point of view.


their words don’t matter

they just want to hear themselves chatter.


don’t lose sight of who you are

because that will leave a bigger scar.


Don’t become who they want

because those choice will be haunting.


If they don’t like you for you

then they won’t no matter what you do. 


To the teen,

I know they can be real mean. 


Soon their words won’t matter 

and you’re heart won’t feel so shattered.


You’ll be free from them all

and they won’t be able to make you feel so small.


You have to keep fighting 

cause deep down you know their words aren’t right.


You have to hold to what you know is true

and keep pushing through.


I can’t tell you when it will completely end

or who will stick close and be your friend.


Adults do it too

and even then sometimes a “friend’s” words are not true. 


You don’t have to do the things they do.

You can still be innocent. You can still be you. 


Stand up for the weak

and always speak up.


Be the one who makes it end

be the friend who is there through thick and thin.


Don’t be like the rest

just be the best you can.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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