Today's little horror 11/10

I've never known fear like the day I found my sister's cuts.

When she was younger, she was abused by her peers.

It seems like a girl can't be tall 

or a little overweight,

without being targeted.

In elementary school, three boys circled her, 

and pushed her onto rocks

she broke her ankles and cried for days

In middle school, she was labeled a bully

because no girl her height or build could really be harmless.

Noone cared that her face was flawless and innocent

that her heart was pure and clean

that she was an angel​ here on earth. 

I couldn't go to school the next day and explain to my teachers why I couldn't stop crying.

I couldn't tell my teacher that my pale face was because I had seen angry, pink lines on my sister's wrist

Just like I couldn't tell my teacher, or my friends, that I couldn't eat

because my sister was depressed.


When the teacher called on me in class,

When Mrs. Lee asked my answer,

I couldn't give her one.

The answer was too unknown to me. 

The question scared me.

The nightmare in my head of my little baby,

just kept playing and playing and playing.

Mrs. Lee isn't payed to know my problems

Just to teach me math

But what I wish she would teach me

Is how to save my sister's life.


Dear administrators,

Please don't send my sister away.

Please don't send my 12 year old angel

to a doctor.

Please don't give her pills

or jackets.


just let me speak

just stop bullying.

just stop judging.



i am left speachless. such a beautiful message and such heart breaks for what youre going through. keep writing.

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