Through The Looking Glass


218 Chases Grove RD Derry NH 03038

I see through the looking glass
A lot like Alice did
But I don't see what she did
I see pain
I see suffering
I don't want to see more
But I do
More people cry in hunger
In pain
In loss
But people turn away
Turn away...
A blind eye to what goes on
Why can’t we face the horrors in life like we face the fiction?
Life is not simple
It does not fit in a box
It is painful
It is scary
And for some
It means death
So why turn a blind eye
When you can lend a hand
Feed a mouth that can’t feed itself
Help build a roof for someone without
Give a school to someone with nothing
Give clothes to those without
Give a hand to those who get backhanded
Give a smile to those without hair
Give a tissue and say bless you to the girl in the back sneezing
Help someone make the choice to live or die
Help someone make the choice not to cut and bleed
Make the choice to help someone eat right
Make the choice to eat right yourself
Make the choice not to do drugs 
Help those that follow make that choice too 
Tell the fat girl she looks good
Tell the fat boy he looks good
Help deal with the ugly so the good
Is radiant
Don’t run away like the white rabbit
Don’t disappear like the Cheshire cat
Stand up and fight
Just like Alice does


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