Think before judging someone


You see that kid 

Yes the one by himself

You think he's a nerd

A loser

Or even maybe a nobody

All his classmates trease him

Then to go home

And just get yelled at by his parents

Being called useless, dumb and stupid

You do no good when you also put him down

Can't you see how much pain he goes through every day

Each day he wishes he could just die

Those thoughts go through his mnd every night

He prays to god that someone would see his pain

He wears long sleeces to cover up his bruises

His cuts he gets when he just need an escape

That's his escape 

Isn't it sad

No one thinks

They just jugde someone automatically

Why do we do this to ourselves

We are all humans

We aren't perfect

We have flaws

Yet we have no right to point them out

You have no idea much pain 

You really can cause on a person

So stop yourself before you jugde or bully someone

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