Stand Up


Stand Up

Wake up with that dreadul feeling.

You love the knowledge and all the learning. 

But there's one thing causing agony.

Mommy tells you " It'll be fine, just tell them stop".

Trudging to your next class, afraid and feeling alone.

You reached your destination, the safety zone.

It's almost end of class, anxiety rushing through your body.

You think "Maybe if I'm the last to leave no one will find me".

There they are, waiting. You can't hide, run, or escape.

Afraid if you tell administration, you'll get beaten to death.

Bruises, a bust lip, and a damaged confused mind was my definition of "school".

Run into my bed thinking " What did I do so wrong?".

Weak, hopeless, a mistake so much negative self esteem is how the victim or I feel.

I have potential to be in college.

My bullies were my blockade to a succesful life, and I couldn't let them ruin it.

Half a year, I put up with that abuse.

Not even my own mother ever physically hit me.

Finally, I took a stand and put an end to it.

However, I regret not stopping them sooner.






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