Sick of It


I'm so sick of it when                                                                   people

put you down.

Who do you think you                                                                   are

? Stop it right now!

I'm so sick of people                                                                    telling

you what to do.

You don't know                                                                             me  

,you don't know                                                                             what

I've been through.

I'm so sick of people forcing you                                                      to

fit in.

It's my life, so don't think I'll let you win.

I'm so sick of people telling you how to                                           think.

Just stop it right now! You guys stink.

I'm so sick of people telling me how I should                                     act.

You don't control others, and that's a fact.

So how can                                                                        teachers ignore this?

How do                                                                                 parents ignore this?

How do                                                                                  you ignore this?






Hope you like it.

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