Unsaid Struggles


Since we are forced to come

Might as well try and make it fun,

But when you feel as if you’re dumb

We might as well lay down and be done.


You act as if you do not see

The pain inflicted unto me.

I cannot believe you would turn away

From the bullies just for the pay.

They take and steal what is inside

There are no places to run and hide.

High school is a place of judgement and pain

A place where you feel as if you were slain


All I ask is for you to act

Stick up for those who have your back.

For its not long before you’re gone

And left a legend that will live on.

Those who teach and swear they know

Do not see the struggle us students know.

For we must see the good and bad

And act on those that were left unsaid.


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