Innocence by ~survivor~


Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say. And maybe you'll hear them one day. But as of right now. The words I want to speak I now know how. Your an innocent and much more. With a heart like yours you'll never be poor. This is the poem of the year. May it take away all your fear. I shall add God loves you. But that for sure you knew. Maybe I can't read your mind. But this today is what I find. The innocence is what I see. And at this I shall let it be. This is a part. And this is what's in your heart. You will say I don't care. And yes that is fair. But before you dare. At least take a glare. "Innocence" by ~survivor~ (copyrighted 03/01/2015 Jessica green)

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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