The Legacy of Life


I know why the caged bird sings,

To tell me the message,

That of which Maya Angelou wrote for me,

She wrote it for me,

Just for me,

You see,

Sometimes I need a little pick-me-up,

Nothing can do that like words.

Oh, I know the power of words,

From the ones that come out of my lips,

To the ones that attack me,

As I got bullied,

And boy they do hurt.


Much stronger than knives and swords,

Thats why I write,

Because I'm powerful,

It's easier for two young men,

To aim bullets at each other's hearts,

Because they are strong enough to use a gun,

But not strong enough to use words.

Poetry is music,

The rushing feeling,

Imagine Beyoncé,

Acapella style,



Music to my ears.

I wait for black history month,

Just to hear the poems,

Of the struggle,

Infatuated with their thoughts,

Touched by their stories,

Inspired by their messages,

So here I write.

I write,

Because I can never be wrong,

No one can tell me I'm not good enough,

I'm a poet,

You're a poet,

We're artists,

We're the peace treaties,

They're the bombs and wars.

We understand the movement of words,

How a poem can twirl around your feet,

Or dash across your mind.

There are no critiques,

You can't tell me nothing,


'Cause see, it's my style,

It's intentional,

I see your vision,

You don't have to understand mine,

'Cause I'll continue to write.

I'll write until my fingers bleed,

Until my mind drips,

Until my heart stops,

Until my thoughts dissipate,

Until I'm no longer in existence.

See that's the great part,

Because even when I'm gone,

My words stay,

Long live poetry,



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