Raise Your Hand


You tell me to raise my hand when I know the answer. 

I have several answers for the things you want me to know. I know where Belgium is. I know why CO2 is a greenhouse gas. I know who the fifth president was.

I also have several guesses for the things you want me to know. I can guess why the author of Genesis included two creation stories. I can guess why electrons act that way.

But I also have a lot of questions, teacher.

How do I get my friend to see she is beautiful? How do I tell her that those scars under her sweatshirt aren't necessary? How do I make her see that she doesn't need to punish herself?

How do I get this boy to wake up in class without getting him in trouble? How can I hint to you that he sleeps in class because he works all night to feed his little sister?

How do I tell this girl to get rid of the baggy clothes? How do I get her to stop feeling insecure about her body? How do I get her to be proud of her shape, rather than afraid of it?

How do I tell the bully that by hitting other kids he becomes just like his dad? How do I tell him that it's okay to be angry about how he is treated? How do I help him deal with his pain?

How do I, teacher?

Do you have an answer? At least a guess?

Or do you just have questions, like me.

Please, raise your hand.

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