My Dream


The darkness consumes me,

Taking over like a poison I can't control.

Mt dream is to be free,

To take control of my heart and soul.


Trapped behind bars, day after day,

My body and mind are beaten and battered.

My dream is to fly away,

Getting away is what really matters.


Drowning in the disappoval of others,

I want to run, and I want to hide.

My dream is for all to become brothers,

I hope we can stand side by side.


This is my chance to be free,

This darkness can't contol me.

This is my chance to fly,

This body will touch the sky.

This is my chance to escape,

Freeing myself from others' hate.

My dream is to defeat the hurt and sting,

My dream is worth accomplishing.



This poem is quite beautiful in simplicity, and definitely heart-felt. Awesome work!




Jonathon Lee Singler

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