A Tortured Mind

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 22:02 -- jrwnz89


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You see that girl you pass every day?

Could you imagine her life in some other way?

There’s something there you wouldn’t expect,

She’s living proof of cause and effect

Just take a moment and look inside

A peek behind a tortured mind

There are parts of her past she wants to erase

She skillfully masks it all behind her pretty face

She’ll have you fooled with her expert fake smile

But will anyone notice and stay a while?

To see inside her tortured soul,

And glimpse the monsters she tries to control

She's running in circles; in hopeless pursuits,

She slips on a road block built of false truths

These are the truths she has come to believe

As she chases her past down a road of dead dreams

She runs and runs away from the pain,

Searching for something that she cannot explain

Her heart has been ripped, torn, and broken

All from the years of heartless words spoken

Her silent screams ignite through her being,

She blinks back the tears that keep her from seeing

She's gasping for help, can't hold on much longer

Will you be the one to help her get stronger?

Is anyone there?

Does anyone care?

Does anyone want to look inside?

And sort through the pain she's tried so hard to hide?

Will you be the one to help put down her knife?

Will you be the one to save her life?

I will be the one, I said that one night.

I promise to hang on with you, help you live your life right.

I will not abandon you, not now, not ever.

I won't give up, I'm promising you forever.

If forever is what it takes for you to have better days,

Then together, forever we'll chase the monsters away

Today will be the day you will put down that knife

Darling, look back on all of your struggles and strife,

And just let them all go in one single breath

To have a release like that, wouldn't it beat out all the rest?

No death.

No destruction.

No tortured end.

Just us against the world.

Me and you.

Two friends.


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