You thought you could take me

You thought you could break me

All the things you said

The things you wished would go to my head



Because for years the voices of you and your friends would echo in my mind

Echoing "Kill yourself"

As I lay down to sleep for the night

Worthless, no point, no friends

All alone, no start, just the end


You shut me down before I had the chance to speak

You'd trash me if even a little sound leaked

But here I am today and I can take some pain!

But something tells me you won't try again


I got low

I didn't see a way out

I thought I was gone

And then I realized

I don't need your f*cking acceptance

And that gave me the inspiration to get the motivation to be excellent!

You were just an obstacle in my way

So I knocked you down

Because not this time, this time you won't have your way

So try me on for size


You were five foot

I was four eleven

Now I'm five seven

I ain't six foot but...

You didn't grow

So it's like you're David and I'm Goliath

Except this time the story ends in a different way


No I didn't stoop to your level

I didn't indulge in pointless violence and empty acts of revenge

I just started doing me

And you did you

All I ever did was stay true

No more hiding my real self just because you don't like me

Because boy, there are other people that like me


You got nervous when you saw me

You were scared

I was scared too

All those years ago

But now the shoes on the other foot

So how's it feel to be the shrimp?

To be the one now who's getting slapped around by people like a prostitute who didn't earn enough for her pimp?

It's humiliating but even though it seems excrutiating I'd say you earned it, deserved it

Because Karmas a b*tch-...




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