Self- Esteem



Of all the dreams I dreams

I think about my self-esteem

It might me high, it might be low

Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know


Don’t pick on me, please don’t do that

Don’t call me names or say I’m fat,

Don’t ever tell me never follow my dreams

Because all your doing is lowering my self-esteem


Some days I’m happy full of joy

But here comes another boy

He might be cute, but he’s not divine

He says to my friend “Oh, girl, you so fine”


He didn’t even notice me not one bit

I can’t help but think about it

There must be something wrong with me

I desperately ponder, what could it be


My friends and family tell me to focus on my work

But all the while I still feel like dirt

And still out of everything

It’s not really helping my self-esteem


I would love to be a celeb that can act and sing

Write and cook and do all those things

And I know I’ll prosper, as I see in my dreams

As soon as I can better my self-esteem






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