That Will Silence These Bullies

I’m not bullied,
not me.
I never have been,
and I probably won’t be.
But I’m sick
and I’m tired
of watching these people laugh at other people.
Did you see that?
The difference?
No, neither did I.
Because people are people, there is no disguise
to cover and mask the type of species we are;
we are all humans,
the same in gods eyes.
So why do people beat other people down into the dirt?
Whether physically or mentally, it doesn’t matter.
The bottom line here is, hurt.
To cry from internal pain,
or to cry from external pain,
isn’t a tear no matter the cause still a tear being rained?
No person should ever be hurt to tears because of what another person said.
It’s disgusting,
it’s foul,
it’s rude,
and its cruel.
It makes me want to scream.
Makes me question societies rule.
Why people do it I’ll never understand.
But the bigger mystery to me is why we, the body,
the students,
the teachers,
the society
don’t take a stand.
I’m over it,
I’m through.
I’m completely done.
Do what you want but I will not watch this any longer.
That could be your son someday,
That could be your daughter.
Don’t be scared,
stand up,
fight back.
You say you don’t like it,
and I know that’s true.
But nothing’s going to change without you.
Taking a pledge is a load of bologna.
It’s your actions,
your courage,
your words
that will silence these bullies.


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