Little Girl's Room

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 20:27 -- Cat0330


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Open your eyes and crawl out of your bed.
Walk through the day; try not to think.
Go back to your bed, finally at home.
Curl up and into yourself shrink.

Because you don't belong, aren't at home
Out there in the world, out where
People are mean and judge, hate and hurt.
It's too much for your frail shoulders to bear.

You live your life alone in your room.
There you're safe; no one can hurt you.
Outside you wear a mask, hide yourself,
Hide within yourself; it's all you can do.

Your life is not your true life;
That is lived within your mind.
Your secret, dirty and lonely,
No one cares or sees; no one's worried or kind.

Yet why must you seclude yourself?
What has the cruel world done to you
To leave you so scared and hurt?
You look down at your body, see what you do.

Little child what are all these scars
Covering your body head to toe?
Is the hurt inside really so great
You must make your own blood flow?

Dear girl don't you cry, wipe those tears away.
Leave your room and smile once more.
Go back out into that cold, hard world.
Hide your scars though you hurt to the core.

And if the pain you feel is just too great,
Go back home, hide in your room.
Escape from the shell of your body.
It's nothing more than a tomb.

So take shelter in your room, little girl.
There no one will see you cry.
Hide your tears from the world, dear child,
And just maybe you will die.



#awesomeness...I LOVE THE ENDING.

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