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How could you make me feel like i was the center of your universe, While reminding me that the sun too, will eventually die, It seemed as though you wanted to assist in this death,
Women aren't property Until they are. Paraded down the street  Beautiful and silent Forced to produce Without any question Stroke the male ego Protect their status as human 
Seething, She takes a bite.     I tore like gossamer,  Like she knew I would.          She was a butcher by nature.        And I was the raw meat        Sprawled on her porch, 
Oh do I crave That final exhalation, The sweet breath that topples my empty frame… You forgot to blow me up, my love.   I stretch and I pull for you.
And here I stand, With my mind and me To orchestrate my ability. I can count the sand Or analyze the land. Anything I see, Belongs to Me. Because the mind that moves the hand  
"You can be anything you want," They sang to me on my eighth birthday. You can be a doctor, a musician Or a happy astronaut. And I believed all that they said, And that night in my bed
Sliding my fingers
Broken and brutally beat
I am the product of my Father’s hand, a creation of God, knit carefully into a man. I am the effect of love and nurture, a home that cares and builds and corrects. I am the aftermath of disaster, of learning
Nightshade waves cascade down  framing porecilin white skin and red, seductive lips. Her hips, gentle curves that have been touched, carressed.   At first she seems okay.
I go about my life busy like an ant on a hill, but one day I stopped and decided to chill. I found if I listen, it's not that difficult, I could find some peace that wasn't invisible.
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
Get ready for the picture Take the picture Filter the picture Edit the picture
Reality has no filter
I am a nice ass,
When I look at you I don’t just see some sad, lost girl, I see someone beautiful, who makes my world melt when she smiles, I see someone whose laugh just makes me want to laugh right along with you.
My name is Brandon and I am a runner. I run, I work, I learn. I am always moving, even while asleep, and love to be outdoors. I love learning and growing and always knowing.
washington d.c. is a monument city looking pretty a city with white monuments every where throughout the whole city, monuments for you to see, which show the american history in our life monuments that don't cause any strife.
With all the cups you gave,
I am an artistic soul. I sing, I dance, I make digital art. I am a diverse homosexual male With the essence of a female A flare of masculinity And a celestial heart.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but with blurred eyes the windows are foggy I can't see the stray bird fly or be successful in athletic hobbies  
I am a musician I’m no scientist I’m no mathematician I’m no historian I’m no athlete I’m no translator Nor will I be any of those things I am a musician So I will be a musician.
my first memory:looking into my reflection,desperateto find somethingthat could anchor me to myself,and jerking back with a screambecausethis could not be me  
New players start at level 1. There's not much you can do. The enemies are too difficult - one hit and you're down, the quests are too complicated, and it seems the other characters have looping speeches.
Broken by the words they said I 
Coffee Paper   We filter our pictures because others can’t filter their words,
He held the gun close to his head."I just want to be dead"
There is this power to all Something that can be taken with awe
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Kindness A word that is  Thrown                                                          Around Every                                                           Day Yet when said never seems to weigh
Heart stopping, ears begging for more I play the strings like a mother Stroking a childs head. Softly, whisper the made up lyrics  that escape my heart.  I pick up the pencil lines crossing like 
Slurred images sink in that void of unconsciousness; That daily death that dies at dawn, And shrinks in fear of the Nine-to-Five pawn.   I listen and I hear from The Collegiate Sage
You look.
My mind is filled with words and phrases which are trying their best to seep out onto this page, but they are being constricted. Its still lines constricting how much my words can reveal my soul;
Let me try to explain what it's like to have a mental illness. Life becomes a watercolor someone left out in the rain.
I am a winter rose.   I follow rules but I am my own leader.   I am stationary but crave movement.   I am a dreamer and I often dream with my eyes open.  
If there's one phrase that's hard to say, If there's something we don't want to think about each passing day If there's something that would make some of us want to cry,
There's something I want to start with, that any objections to women being unable to have power because of womanly issues is a myth, I know there are plenty of strong women, and I know because of you my friend.
I may not be what you envisioned That perfect porcelian doll. It wasn't my decision
Creep into the day  aware with an unforgiving glance on your face deepend with hate and anger spit out the foul words that were once used against you and then bleed the picture on canvas.
No I did not "wake up like this" This took time 
I begin to sign...   ~~~   When we were younger, All we wanted to do was play. But then we grew. And we wanted-- To Fit--
Playing my music My feelings are melody Revealing my soul
FLAWLESS SCHOLARSHIP   Beauty is a battle people tend to face. Some cost it; others just chase. The beauty, the glam, the entire fame,
Flawless Music   I retain all these faults that could make me flawless, I can write rhymes, tell the time, though I really shouldn’t floss less.
Flay the skin away Piece by piece Layer after layer   What am I now?   Am I The words tumbling out of my mouth The thoughts rolling in my head The despair deep in my heart
i wake in the morning, having no warning, of how i would be looked at like i have on a funny hat.   i walk through the halls with no fear at all knowing that who i am
I wonder what I can give, as far as wisdom goes,   for I am somewhat young and have many years to live. The cool Autumn wind blows
Flawless   Grace, Gods precious love. 
I used to wake up and wish I were the gleam in the summer sun
Filterless? Filter-less.   Less as in I am less without a filter Less attractive less complete less perfect Less myself  
Graphite. Eraser shavings. Coffee-tinted paper. It all starts with a blank page and an ephiphany of creativity. The pencil feels at home in my hand as it glides with precision.
Layer upon layer of masks. One small, one red, one plagued with faux happiness. A mask of royal purple. A mask as silver as starlight. The streets are crowded with personalities, each one unique as a gem.
I was born beautiful. Society will tell me different.    I have curly hair. Long, tangly, brown, curly locks.  I grew to hate my hair.  I was 5, already craving to use a hair straightner. 
As life continues I only know of two people who really exist; Kris & KP. As I enjoy the limelight of being a versity athlete, I still find discomfort within.
You are not alone Sleepy eyes Purple crescents burn bright under them Boney knees Baggy pants conceal lack of nutrition A broken heart, longing to stop beating It screams in agony
Im flawless... From my feet up to my noggin And anybody that's thinking different, we're surely to have a problem. Im great!! At least, that's what I say when I look into a mirror
I was born into a world of loss and pain But I still live my life happy worshiping God’s name My mama working all the time
    Scared. Scared is a word I could describe this as. But perhaps,  It's the gentle shedding. Of old skin, or weathered leaves. Both things changing.
I AM THAT GIRL Just like my girl Rosie. Don't mind me if I get a bit noisy, Cause I'm standing up for all the girls, All the girls around the world.   I AM THAT GIRL It's a positive thing. 
Yellow leaves, from the maple tree that lined our street Falling stars race across the sky; it makes me fall to my feet
Here a girl of 17 sat playing with her nails.She wore black and was thin and very frail.Her dark brown locks hid her face as she stared blankly into space.
Around around on the merry go round.The little girl shall never be found.The merry go round is here to stay.The little girl has run away.Up and down the horses go.The little girl hated school she had wrote.
White Frosting here and there.Putting flowers in her hair.Color of red stain to decorate for this joyous daySome powder here, a fix up there.Now its ready for today.Getting lowered into the ground,
When surrounded by peopleI need space.When alone my thoughts surrounded me.I cant breath. Im confusedtiredhopeless. I dont understand, and at this point.I dont think I want to.
Cheeks hollow skin cold lips thin collarbones. Shoulders bare Straight thin hair no stomach to hide space of thighs.
All is calmjust shallow breaths heard.Drip driptime slows down. Your life fades past like many times before.Only at the end you find yourselfat a different door.
A little like leads to love. A little hug leads to comfort. A little tear leads to a sob. A little smile leads to a laugh. A little whisper can lead to a crush. A little hope leads to faith.
Fake smileDried eyesscratched wristsbruised thighswhite pillsrope tiesgun loadedsuicide
Rain bites Wind blows I fight For a future A better me I do it without thee   Water runs Rockets rise I have seen many suns And many moons Rise and fall
you are by Damon Dixon   you are powerful beyond belief
Without filters my pictures ar
Cry your final tears now,don't hold it in For tomorrow holds another chance to live again Keep your head held high in confidence and pride Just let go, relax, enjoy the ride Things will pan out in the end
Who says they didn't care? Was it in seriousness, or in jest. Forget them for thier stupid ideas just go live your own life.   Those pills in your hand, the rope on your fan,
Trying to invent myself. I'll juggle it all and make all the right choices. I'm overwhelmed. Like a cloud stretching to cover the entire Earth.  It reminds me that I am small.
Society says the point of “getting better” is to be loved. By someone; by something. 
I am a lyricist not a musician I write words that speak to your soul not the heart It may seem uncertain but the lyrics that I write show the hidden feelings within
Covering, protective layer, skin For the body is just a house that the soul lives in
Covering, protective layer, skin For the body is just a house that the soul lives in
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
Isn't she lovely? The way her hips move side to side. isnt she lovely? The way her clothes hug her skin tight. isnt she lovely? The way her makeup is bold and bright. isnt she lovely?
I am not relaxed! Scared, anxious. College is here! Make it all slow down!
scrub your hands you dirty thief every last pocket full of stolen gems a crown of shame to mark the broken wash your mouth you little bitch scream profanities & curses
What would I change?
I am who I am  Only I can do me like I can do me You can't teach self confidence It comes with taking what others say about you And making it irrelevant
You aren't!  They say,
We all live in this world We fight to be noticed Though, we all live in a mold.   Some cannot fight against those who are stronger, So we let them pull us under.  
I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
One foot at a time I climb into my wet suit Puff of air As I check my tank The unknown mysteriousness awaits Bubbles float to the surface The world starts to bounce in the glistening sunlight
A little more left. Shift the angle, the lighting, the camera lens. Fix your hair as a strand bends                on                the
Its been a minute since I've felt it, so I'll start off with a hi.
You may think that it's funny, Puts some laughter in your tummy.
A daughter needs her dad so he can teach her his morals and life lessons, she needs him to teach her how to be strong, and a daughter needs him to help pick up the pieces when times get rough and he is gone.
I am Flawless, Just open up your ears, I am Flawless without photoshop Now wait, this will make your jaw drop, You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there
As soon as I see a filter I feel awful I need that filter for life. Am i lying? IM LYING. I dont want to lie. I want to be true to myself but how
In a world so social, its hard not to compare, I tell myself not too, but still I dare. All I can do , is wonder why? Why is there life so perfect, not mine?   The face that I put on is one of content.
on the spectrum of dreams only one is heard as usual   in everyday life only one is valued no surprise   "let us make a change" we repeat as nothing changes  
My thighs expand the length of continents But the breasts I was given cannot be confused with mountains My hazel eyes ooze the color of a muddy emerald sea But the pores on my face are often compared to broad craters
All around me I hear laughter, Yet I am not laughing. They did not hit me, but inside my soul is hurting. I look whole, but inside I am just a pile of broken pieces Waiting, hoping, praying
Water running down my face, as today i decide my fate going or stayin wouldn't even matter Would it?
It’s striking-
Darling, you'll be okay. You are being irrational. Take a minute and just breathe in and out. You are a beautiful human being. You serve a purpose on this Earth. You have people who love you.
Behind all the filters,  my pictures hold natural beauty. Behind the makeup and touch-ups, I have freckles that engulf my face. Behind the smiles, I hold back years worth of overcome struggles
Valencia   Merriam told me about how in fishing, a safety net can rid of impurities. I didn't tell her these were my insecurities. That within each creature, lie a heart, a soul, a mind- maybe.
My hair, long and brown My face, straight and concentrated My body, short and ordinary None of it matters I can get through Whatever life throws at me My strength My desire My dedication
 i was alone, i walked the miles by myself trying to find my way.
Sadness does not come in the form of rainstorms Here to kiss away the tears off of one's face It is not the color of the blackest night
I have such a beautiful smile,
Since I'm destined to be a coffee ground, I want to be fertilizer.   I don't exist in your bookshops or museums. I don't have a place on your TVs or radios. You'll never hear about me.
Flaws ​I wake up and look in the mirror.
I am the queen, I am the ruler. My body is my kingdom. It may be quite war torn,
I am a woman and I will conquer
There's something you don't understand.  Maybe it's the different lives we live Maybe it was what I was wearing
A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest for fear of failing his second chance 
Curly headed kid similes throughout the day and night helps community   
In high school everybody wants to be cool well guess what, I'm not a tool. i don't care what people say, i do things my own way. i shop at the thrift store, so what if my clothes are a bore?
She knocks on my door and asks me to come out. “No,” I answer, but it’s not my voice talking, it’s his. Raising my 6 year old niece has not been easy, given I’m also raising a young man. His name is Depression.
On this train, I descend. A cruel descent from heaven to hell. The misty, rhythmic waterfalls
   I was the girl that grew up in hard brick matter. At 3 years old my pearls were stolen then shattered. Beaten,broken and tossed to floor. And all I could can do is plead "PLEASE NO MORE!!!"
A tear, a whisper A shout, a cry No one seems to hear No one is by your side.   Everyone is oblivious until it's too late, Another angel has been sent back too soon.  
A couple walks together Holding hands and smiling.  Their love is grand, how can anyone deny it?
I am young and feel as if I don't have a voice. The things in my life I don't have a choice. Others try to give encouragement and advice, but how do I know the truths from lies?
If I could change a thing or two about the world we live in, I would make it so hope bloomed in every single soul. If this wish I wished came true,
I see them down the halls  Hear their hatred along the walls. Do they not care? Their words are something I cannot bare.  Why must they pick on me? All I want is to let be. 
Me at my core is nothing more than a little boy Who wanted a pet dinosaur A boy who wanted to become rich and famous and become a candy connoisseur
Man I love COLLEGE college is the place where I learn where I open my mind where my dollar bills burn where to get that “A” I become redefined   It is a place that can open so many doors
My true self lurks behind the doors wooden frame, Locked up in society's chains.  The true me is not who I appear to be  For the world discriminates against me.
My eyes are blue, like the sky at night when the stars are out, illuminating the distance between Point A and Point B, but they never cease to shine,  even when the day replaces the night, 
Me flawless,  but still imperfect. Living in a tasteless society as
Where is my planner?  Oh surprise, more homework*sad face *
Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep within me This stream of emotions wil never heed A cloud of thoughts loom in my mind
Love was all she longed for, all she needed. She didn't believe in it because she had never seen it.   And what she thought, that it couldn't be real. She didn't show or reveal
Who are you behind a filter, we try to look good and be someone we are not, just look in the mirror and see who you are, God makes no mistakes we the way we are from design, why change perfection with a filter,
Have I got a voice A voice that amazes A series of listeners Proclaiming their praises   My low notes are clear But my high notes are clearer And I’ll admit to being guilty
The sound of a siren Sets my heart pounding I want to follow it Just to make sure that It isn’t for him.   He is a friend A human life with living soul and spirit
I am a girl
I’m just your average guy, Two eyes, one nose Who knows the woes Of trying to fit in.   But, listen to me, So that you may see, how I see, That that’s not all its cracked up to be
Okay soNice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be yaBecause being myself only gives me a spellA kind of happiness one could never tell
I am Flawless because i write, I am me because of my height, I praise the Lord each and everyday, Even though somethings don't always go my way,  I still give him praise for all that he does, 
Society, expectations, me. Society sees me as a flower, expectations see me as the lost sheep, I see myself as Llailyn. Llailyn? Yes, Llailyn: Jay-leen. Smart, goals, family, smart, goals, family.
I am not perfect, for I am human,I envy, I hate, I love, and I fear,What worth can be seen in my living years?
Today has been the first time I’ve smiled in years The first time I haven’t cried myself to sleep The first day I haven’t been forced to smile on queue I remember those days so well; my scars won’t let me forget
Today I want to say to all of you. I’m not a fan of a whole group chat. If I want them to know,
I flinch. False consensus effect strikes again. I'm not afraid of your touch. Fear has no position on the playing field. you recoil, my body like a stovetop to the touch.
filters hide the true beauty inside & out Can't see what's on the inside because people are worried about what's on the outside SElF CONFIDENCE leads to success In your own skin you win never settle for less
Some day's I want to scream, Some day's I'm happy, Some day's I don't care at all, When I run out of things to say, I feel the painful words swarm me,
Not Your Conquest There is no distress In this damsel I am not the conquest In the grand adventure of your story
Take a whiff of that blunt
How precious seconds pass by me with haste. I grip its tail in hopes that it will stay. A force that acts poetically with space. "Leave me slowly. Keep me here." I pray.  
I am more than just a filter More than what's behind the computer behind the lightening effects of my skin lies a girl wanting to fit in My words aren't heard in the scene
I want you to see the part of me that glass so often hides. Scrolling down your Instagram feed, you would barely even recognize me.    I want you to see the part of me that is hidden by makeup
Hashtag. What's a filter? Instagram's new fad. Sorry to the conscious Praises from the claque Here's an example
Like long standing mountains, I am weathered and flawed, Made beautiful by life's disastrous, awesome turns. I am insecure, Searching for meaning in a life I once thought I did not deserve.
The scratches that flicker the surface, They are unforgivable flaws. We spin a web of lies in its face. We risk choking under its gauze. So cunning the spider is. Writing new names for the pig.
You are probably wondering what I look like without a filter I have Flaws Too many to count My forehead is too big My mouth too wide My skin too dark I have black heads
  O Robin why did you have to go away? It was not the only way Inspiring us all with your comedy Teaching us that laughter is always the key I hope that you have peace wherever you are
Underneath the makeup that you layer everyday That thick and waterproof courage that still will wash away   You pass the mirror each evening and shudder at the sight
Is it really about us? What is the point? I'm just One Life. One soul. Who says it is about me? Who is the One that says? Life may be nothing more than a breath of days and nights.
My heart is heavy today, I sighed Depression is attacking my heart, my soul, my mind. I try so hard not to care, But all I feel is bottomless despair.
There is an obvious difference between me and you Between quiet and loud Big and small   I am combustion-- The Big Bang Expanding infinately Exploding with passion  
Sadness is dark like a dark winter's night Sadness taste like salty tears falling down your face Sadness smells like dead rose  Sadness looks like glass being broken Sadness sounds like your last breath
I stare in the mirror and what do I see? My flawless self staring back at me I don't need makeup or any type of weave I just get up, get dressed, blow myself a kiss, and leave
I hope... Because I care... Because I love my friends... Family... Neighbors... The powerful message... Jesus taught me To love your neighbor as yourself If it wasn't for that
He pushes you You cry He stab you You die It could have end at the push If you knew how to punch
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
We all have dreams to strive for   a goal to reach to reach for   we just have to wait for the right moment   to get success like the Romans    
the girl they see quiet, shy, sweet, strong, the girl I am. loud, outgoing, smart, deep, I am both girls unfiltered. and im completely happy,
I want to get NAKED Its easy to take off your clothes and have sex; people do it all the time, but opening up your soul to someone, Letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes,
In today's society and social media, Beauty is changed in many ways. Social Media has changed our view of others.
Everything you feel, it's all in your mind Overwelming thoughts leads one to be blind The danger is real, but fear is a choice Save yourself from all of that noise
You call yourself a Christian, But have you sat back and listened, To the things you been spittin, Acting like you ever sinnin, But what about that time back in junior high,
My hair my nails my tan? All rockin'! But how might you ask is my body not shockin'?
They say I am too much of me,
On this stage i stand, Waiting for my cue. Palms sweaty, knees shaking. Nervous ball of emotion.   Curtains are drawn;  Face hidden from Embarressment The music begins, and my heart stops.
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
               I may fall some times but I get back up.                 I may stumble but I want go down.                You think Im perfect, oh no im far from it.                Theres only one, The Only Begotten Son.
Sexual preference  Is not just sexual preference Is spiritual preference
Who am i? I am me, myself, and I l am not you, him, or her,
  Where do we go when we are lost? Where can we find ourselves and what’s the cost? I’m searching of the girl I once was. Looking and looking, where can she be? I see a girl, is it me?
Name calling Stupid, slut, ugly, and fat whore How could one live in a world with these name calllings? Could these names be true? The blade The sharpness seeps within my skin There's no going back
The colors of life are all that surround, from which social media is everywhere to be found, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  and Tumblr, hashtags, likes, are all but words to make me humbler,
Who am I? You should know who I am. Standing tall, with my head up above. Looking beyond the present in hopes to build a future so strong no one could even grasp the concept of going backwards.
See, society has this pre-conceived ideaabout how a black personespecially a black girlshould act.  
Who remembers what it’s like to be a virgin?
They say she laughs too much Her red lipstick is smeared and she doesn't play nice Torments of sneers pass her in school halls
No filter? I never have a filter. I am me and if you  don't like it that is your loss Or that is what I will tell myself. Be your self But fit in 
i am a mere inhabitantin a constellation of chaosand often timesi have a habitual inclintationto escape from these wallsthat harbor looming memories
I am beautiful, maybe not in the way some others would think but I am. I am strong; I can't lift twenty pounds but I can keep smiling because I am. I am determined, there is nothing that can stop me; I know I am.
Its a feeling not a knowing. Curiosity and randomness lead me to you. I feel so blue. We are so clueless. Where to begin and where to end.
 Don't you get it? I'm not okay I'm not just tired I'm not fine I'm not good My life is not great  Don't you get it? You need to understand that you don't know everything
It is in my darkest moments that I become religious. Not so that I can pray to the lord for better times, but so that I can blame anybody but myself. To blame some creator for problems I know I’m responsible for.
What do my words sound like without a filter? Might as well ask me to reinvent the wheel My words must remain slightly off-kilter Because I am afraid of myself without a filter.  
You know what sucks? My pain in my heart I'm losing my luck It taste bitter and tart I feel tired all the time Yet my heart races fast I'm losing my prime My time won't last
Reality is the harshest form of rejection. So Ill tell you while I have your attention.
Don't worry I've swept away so many times might as well live in the bristles of a broom,
Running to first period, I can’t be late anyone who has been here can relate “buzz” the tardy bell rings. I walk into class “Where is your tardy pass?” she sings.
I am red. From the sun beating down on my white skin. I am pink. After being embarrased by my peers.
Why am I kickass?  My grades are quite high, for me the girls would die, I've got luscious brown hair,  when you're older you'll care, I jump high for my heighth also, I'm white.
Frustration and hate beneath t
So, this is what it feels like when all the walls start to fall. As the towers fall and replace  the the free space beneath them, I will think of  nothing I brought this upon myself.
You sit in the dark Scared of the world You feel like no one is there But you are not alone You feel worthless Like nobody cares Like you could disapear And no one would know
Smile. We hear the words to often. Smile. Maybe I don’t want to. Smile. Are we taking a picture? Smile. I don’t know that I can. Smile. Stop telling me to. Smile.
I am the girl that you see in photos without any makeup,
You're a coward that is full of messPushing me around and hitting me in my chestYou're a coward that has no heartBeating me up dragging me apartYou're a coward I say I say with grace
Small with a big attitude Accompanied by an even bigger mouth A sweet, loving smile that will quickly turn into a pout Kind of boy crazy... okay maybe a lot Can't blame me, I mean some are quite hot.
"Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful' . I'd repeat it. Look in the mirror and say " I love you". I'd try , but nothing would  come out . I'd go mute. I spent most of my life trying to hide myself.
I see myself as a gem I know mysef as a gem A mirror does not have to show me this Photos cannot embody my natural spirit I see myself I love myself I am the gem From every little pore
I have to hurry home and prepare dinner tonight I have to finish my cleaning or else it’s another fight I’ve still much to do: the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, washing the stains off the floor
They see my faults; I see only beauty.
I have had braces for 5 long years.
I get feelings sometimes where I feel like no one cares about me. It is the worst feeling one could possibly ever get. It makes you feel alone, scared, or even depressed.
I feel that maybe seein' you go was a wakeup call. A wakeup call to reality. That grownups sometimes have no choice even if they get down on their knees.
Hush little child, you shan't cry, I'm your friend, can't you see, Hush little child, take my hand, drop that knife, fly into light, kiss mama goodbye, Hush little child,
Who am? Who am I without all the makeup?
I am Photogenic, yes capital P
When I put a picture up on facebook, I strive for people to see I'm happy, I hide all the stress, Pretend there's no pain, and act like it's everything okay. I don't use a filter, and I don't use vignette,
"How whimsical is "She"?
I'm a shitty photographer no way around it They all come out the same tilted to left, skewed and half-hazard No gels, lights, editing, or daggers can make an image of mine appealing inward or outward
As tears streamed down her face, She realized how alone and empty she felt. She was so isolated and abandoned. It hurt her so much within her chest. A half baked smile on her face. She lost sight of herself.
NIght comes and goes im in a deep sleep dreaming about what happenes next  i wake up tired and my long day startes i have to use public transportation to get to my destination 
They told me I would never be the man Instead, a role player with a single fan.
My heart made of gold holds intentions so true Reveal to me your demons held inside of you Open up and let your guard down a little bit too Releasing your pain is just what I'll do
Yeah, everyone knows me as that blonde girl with the perfect body that's never missed a church service, Or an opportunity to help the needy.  Perfect grades and a high G.P.A., nothin'n  acceptance letters.  
College kids party. I don't. Isn't that enough?   Loner, describes me. From parents, from friends, from doctors.   I'm not. I dream. I act.
Wishing upon peace,  hoping no one sees me, Taking a deep breath, hoping no one hears me, Walking through school campus vastly, having fear of being stopped, Smiling, but speaking no words,
Sometimes you have to reflect Look back to the past Take a trip down memory lane Pop some Advil because there will be pain Close your eyes and start What's the first image that crosses your mind?  
There is an end to everything, aye, to what we all hold dear. Time will pass, maybe goals fulfilled - and still this loss we fear. It takes away all inhibitions...purpose; and it leaves you all alone
True beauty, something I wish I'd seen more, So sue me, something I don't look to screens for. The true me, not afraid to stand for dreams or the new me, something the old me would fiend for.  
I am that poor girl whose waning hope gave birth to passion Or perhaps I am a pupeteer with a marionette by the name of "Semantics"  Some days I am the crisp morning drizzle
Through a window you think you can see the other side
"Travel," I said. No, don't do that. "Wear what you desire," I said. No, don't do that.
Yes I know I am not perfect. But who are you to point that put? No matter what you say, my confidence will remain the same. I will feel beautiful.  I will feel pretty. Becasue I am flawlessly flawed.
I am Crystal. With no filter, I am free to speak my mind
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
Once Upon A Time... I'm no princess but I've got beautiful eyes  
I am soft. Sensitivity is mistaken for weakness  and yet it is the one true strength. To care, to love, to cry.   I have fought my battles with tears in my eyes But I won the war.
I will not be deluded I will not be covered up or watered down I will not change the way I look to try to conform to society’s ideas I am unique
Without anything to cover us from the real world We will show people our true colors Who we are, really What we are, actually   Many are afraid to do this To show the Demon hidden behind the mask
Behind the curtain everybody sees, a light so bright that cannot be reached, An eternity full of shame, Lies, resentment, and carelessness, All so young yet so dark, It used to be great,
The controlling controller roams in  her controlling world, thinkinking highly of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys  she embarks on.   Her blanket is her cape to escape 
The world tried to filter me, To screen me before I came. They told me, "This is what we want to see, Please disguise your ugly pain."   "No one likes a whiner," they'd say,
Stop! Don't think,Just breathe,It's over,He's gone,He can't see you cry,     Deep BreathStop: the tears,The lies,The pain,The regret,The blame,     Deep Breath
I've learned to enjoy these walks alone Breathing in the cool, crisp Autumn air. With each breath I am renewed. Alone with my thoughts I realize How beautiful the leaves are, How majestic the trees are,
I may not be a 4.0 student, But I am very pudent, I take rigorous classes, Even though i do not wear glasses.   #nofilter
On this world of 7 billion Me? I'm 1 in a trillion Unlike some of you out there, I voice my opinion and do not care If you think I'm right or wrong That's the secret to staying strong. 
“No Filter” you say, as I read the screen It’s simply written, yet harder than it seems. Filters are hidden, but omnipresent through life And without our awareness, they’re becoming our vice.
No, doctor that's not the problem You don't understand I'm putting guns to my head like I don't own my hands I'm laughing so loud in a room with my friends but  as soon as I'm home I feel slightly deranged
To describe me, you would have to think of the ultimate geek, without the look I'm the type of guy that loves to play football, but also read a manga book I love to run, and run. till my lungs feel like they're gone
I see you, Standing by my side. Waiting to catch me when I fall. Ready to help me out.  We all act as if we united We are one We are powered But how united are we?
I am a beloved daughter of God A light in this world of darkness that surrounds me A friend to those around me I am a girl with the deserve to impact the world around me
Looking at my face You'd never know In my life A war grows On the outside I`m filled with life On the inside I`m dying Not from sorrow Not from strife Literally I fight
Every morning there is a bucket of bricks on my back. It slowly reaches to the top as the skinny and the fabulous come in from their room of perfection.
You saw me as your porcelain doll your darling girl Your perfection but There was an immaculate exception you thought i was your faithful pet the dog who'd  "she'd be back"
Swimming is fun, Until you start drowning  Life is like swimming under the ocean 
People have been insulting people forever, and I must say "Stop!" If you don't stop today, then I will call a cop. I want the number of racial slurs to decrease, because, my friend of mine, we need some peace.
Master Mind
We look for sleep but it doesn’t come, at least not pleasantly. The neurons firing in our brains only produce the fears, the fears we most desperately want to forget.
1          I was born into the unknown, Inheriting a gene few familiars have shown.   2          But why was it a problem? No one knew. My peers knew not, I knew not. Play in oblivion, all youth do.  
Quick with a joke and full of hope
Everything is created In a Bang We bang to create life The Universe bangs to create Life We bang ingredients to build a cake We bang our heads to make a mistake. Everything is just a bang.
On Always on In our hands we look Lighting up our face Words flash color bash technology hold us And we can let go
He Stood Tall Forever growing Tall as a mountain Larger than a Building He's an Idea that is always growing
One day I hide away Only to stay Somewhere grey So day  I may stry But today is not that day
No one really knows me I'm not sure what they see But from the way they talk and look At me I know they don't feel close to me Don't they know they're all I have?
Im running and hiding in fear. Everyone around me points and laughs at me. I run to the shadows but your there. I beg you to leave me alone but your there. 
Walking down the halls I see it everywhere In some way shape or form bullying is going on. This needs to stop.  I am but one person but my voice is heard by thousands.
Suffering through the same old same day in and day out.  Nothing ever changes.  Everyday im hoping and im praying for someone to make a change. Then I realize I can make a change. I can make a difference. 
The color orange is exciting yet composed.   Still, a lack of admiration from those opposed.  
They lifted my spirits up. Then they broke me down. Day by day I felt sorrow in my soul. A great big black deavouring hole. It took my lover, it took me too, and with it, it took everything that I had ever knew.
The beauty within yourself is based on conciousnes  Most people seem to always brag about what they have,  Others just tend to whine about what they don't, I'm more in the midle.
The beauty within yourself is based on conciousnes  Most people seem to always brag about what they have,  Others just tend to whine about what they don't, I'm more in the midle.
It’s a Monday morning, and I am fed up. My teacher babbles on and on in his nasally, monotone voice, versing the same damn elementary rhetoric I have heard all my life. He presents Grade Point Average
They say Grendel was a demon, born from the line of Cain. They say he was riddled by malice and impregnated with sin. But I think he's a part that lives in us all,
Though the winds blow Though the trees sway
I'm a Fake I'm a facade  I'm not really here I'm not really there I'm not anywhere The mask I wear  the shame I bare  its all covered up  see, I hide 
You see that girl, Do you truly see? She's been fighting, It's an internal struggle. She understands if you ignore, But don't be decieved.  Like a mirror at a carnival,  She torn up in sorts.
The time to express myself. It comes and goes over time.  Just like when the sun sets and it does'nt show itself. The dark takes over and I cover myself with mud and slime.   Outside in the dark,
My personality and voice were white.                 Of course, these descriptors were perfectly right. My physiognomy and intelligence were Asian.
What are we as humans? Are we just people with amazing discoveries and ideas? Are we just idealistic and logictic people? Are we the one that we wanted to become? If so, what am i ? 
Well, you could say I’ve created this image of myself fragile and wavering, shaking and unsure   I walk to the grocery store, self-conscious with my hands in my pockets. I try not to look at the sun too long.
These shaded glasses  hide my jaded and flawed eyes
I've lived most of my life behind a curtain. Those tender, shaky Seconds just before a performance, Auditoriums and microphones are a part of me. But when I was younger, They only meant singing and
Pay attention to the eyes,  the windows to who she really is.   Meet Miss Hyde. Spontaneous she is  Outspoken, yet respectful. Life of the party and responsible Definition of style,
What is behind it? The void The abyss The unknown Behind it is whatever it pleased to be
Every aspect of my life has Always been a splintered crack between myself and who I wanted to portray.  It wasn't my fault.  I just wasn't good enough.  I was not satisfied with who I was,
Do they dabble in trends?Dwell on the popular breed,No matter the way their stories bend?No matter the fruit of their seeds?
“Where do you see yourself in five years?”It is almost a cruel question to ask a young person who is so hopeful and uncertain
We live fast, racing here and there; quickly bolting through this dream. What are we living for? Where is our end? Don't forget to look around, stop. Just for a moment, think. Love. Dream.  
An extraneous hope for merciful redemption These queer mice lurking behind harrowed shelves  Rapidly engage between bones crackling beneath the hands of lost worship;
There are many parts to me Stereotyes Characterisics Looks   I feel at each deserves a place in my heart For I would not be me without it As each misshapen bit
I remember the dark road The road I left behind I remember the knife in my hand and  the thought in my mind. For so long I sat My dreams were all blind But I would no longer wait
We all want to be accepted.
What were we all waiting for?
So out of touch with myself.
Society Damned if you do
If I were to express myself,  Be myself; my true self Would I be accepted? 
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
I have many a friend, I will follow them to the end. But do they actually see me And who I want to be? There is a man behind the curtain, In that I am certain. I hide behind my masks,
Like a magical wardrobe lost in time Behind the fur coats you will find A door way to an open Skye  
I draw the veil that is a smile over my 
Please don't fly away Off of the bridge you always walk Please don't fly away From the chair and belt as I talk   Please don't fly away just yet I know you're getting weak
I am sick of this. Aren’t you?
That's ItI've made itI'm doneI booked my ticket straight to the sunThe stars speak and I hear;"This is your Captain speaking,Your one way flight from victim, Land of SilenceHome of the Slave
  To outsiders I’m just a simple, plain wallflower. But if you look a little closer, beyond the closed off petals you’ll see that each petal tells a story with a little bit more power.
When I close my eyes I'm travelling with backpacks hanging off of me they aren't heavy because they're just enough
When you first asked for my name The first thing that comes to mind is the number of times I will lie to you How many times do I have to sequester behind these curtains with the fear of you judging me
I stand at the horizons of other men,
"You are such a bad liar (it's true) and oh, you never cry!" (why would I?) for my reputation could never handle the admission of emotions.   That hits too close to home, you see,
My thighs stretch out across the seat when I sit.
The real me? I am not who I thought I was. Believe me, You can't change who i am now because I am free. Under the curtain I have been washed In the sea. My fake personality has been squashed.
what do people see when they see me? do they see a boy struggling to be? or do they see a man being what everyone desires to be? do they see a boy working as hard as possible to get his way?
I wake up hoping today will be different Hoping I can actually get up Hoping I can live Hoping I live Hoping Hope... something I lost Not all at once no Slowly I lost all hope
I look into the past a see a girl afraid of trying A girl afraid to fail, a girl afraid of shining A girl that even though they encouraged again and again, Never saw what they saw
I laugh For a young woman who cries is known to be a coward I smile For a young woman who frowns is helplessly depressed I study
Through his life in good and strife           A mask did he wear. On face a grin, but not within           And smirk he did not dare.   On a whim, this boy so grim,          Soon to be a knight.
I have two faces but I only show one No one knows my true face, none All you can see is my mask Nobody even cares to ask Who cares?   My real face shows my trepidation
I've got a lot of people in this life. They tell me what to do or who to be. I listen, and I nod. They are my loved ones. They see me as I want them to. They see me smile. I give everything my all.
I. When I speak, I stumble over sentences. Like words are so uncomfortable in my mouth, That they fall haphazardly into the world. II. My hair is a wreck, and my eyes are like winter.
A man once told me He told me you see That you can be anything You wish to be   But what he says And what I see Are nothing but visions Of obscurity   The mirror reveals
I think best when I'm alone
I sailed the seven seas and rode the rough tides, When I made landfall, I came, I saw, I conquered. This epic tale will travel far and wide, but alas there are secrets yet to be uncovered.
I come from rice and beans The food of my people
"I love you, sweet heart" No, you wanted me. "You're my little girl" No, I was your toy. "I didn't hurt you" Yes, you did.    "You're such a spaz" I'm sorry, I just get excited.
These hands of mine Have collected the tears succeeding a painful tease Fallen victim to a panic-induced squeeze Enfolded my weary, bruised knees. But still continue to dance by my soul with ease.  
You look at me and think I'm fine, confident and loving life, Unaffected by your exclusion. If only you could see The tears I have cried at night The knives I feel in my heart and back.
There was a distinct difference
Who bothers to risk their eyes to look into the light of the sun? They cover their eyes and turn their backs and take advantage of the warmth and the glow Me I am the sun Everyday I rise and my rays
Smile.. It's just a mask Laugh... Another mask Calm... Thats just my face So much built up animosity, I dont know where it goes
As I sit in my pew The same pew I've sat in since birth, On the left 6 rows back Close to the middle aisle, I can't help but see The woman in the back, As she cuts her eyes 
Truth be told abot me Things you coul never dream to know Wind is a trusty treasure that makes me feel free
The me you see is the me everyone expects to see
If the worls is a stage, And we ar the plaers, Then we hide ourselves, Costumed with our parts. To the world, our viewers, We are characters, Destned to play our parts. Behind stage, we live,
Heads turn at the sound of young black woman’s heels clicking the cold parochial floors, The ruthless power of her stride swings open solid cross laden wooden doors.
People see her as a Greek piece of theatre Never showing her true identity Always hiding behind a mask She goes along telling my story But reality never comes out   At home, a different mask is put on
Being two people at the same time is hard.
The newest shoes, anything observers can idealize and see You are not measured by what they say you should be We do not have to keep following media's image, instead come talk to me
Rumor has it that scars of gold kept you hidden behind a veil of words that were forbidden to hear, and the tattoos of watercolors began to slosh around on your marble skin, until no single pigment could be found.
No peeking
We are the generation of a new millennium.Be proud?Our title could’ve been better, it sounds pretty corny,I looked online, no one seems to think thatWe’re going to be the ones that save the world
People can label me. Best Leader. Class Favorite. You name it. However, that's not all I am. I'm not just a label, or another number. I'm human. I want most of the same things that everyone else wants.
A solemn tribute to Society, traveling in silence, avoiding gazes, conflict. Curtain of Camouflage.   Misinterpretation leads a nation, deceit grows infectious, killing souls day by day.
The mask I exhibit is that of Any other high school senior Blended into the background; Hidden amongst other faces. A flag twirler in the marching band, A member of Chem Club;
Yellow Brick Fool I represent the lollipop slang, my language marks class, well spoken, or gang. The wonderful wizard of ostracization prompts concealment of character to defy my creation.  
May I obtain an epiphany of self-pursuit? Cease the persuasion of pointed fingers and demanding mouths, Consume the obtained knowledge of the stacking years,
 You think he is cute, he dresses nice, a little player, but he is into you. "I can make him change", thinks the girl that is still in her teens. You fail to realize that he is young too.
I am so tired of all the voices that I hearTheir catchy sayings attempt to mold me into an average teenI will be the rebel that is expected by defying mainstream culture
"I like the color blue and I like to read," I say. They do not know it is the somber, 
Nobody, nowhere, no one knows
I stand behind the curtains of an unaccepting society Pulling at the seemingly infinite weight Yearning to be nothing but myself   The curtain weighs down with He/she
I want to feel  A pounding on the ground
        i.         At six I knew there was something wrong. There were thoughts that swirled around my mind, Sinuous snakes that slithered and curled in forgotten crevices,
I protest - Not for peace in this  world - We will have no peace - I protest - I Scream for thought - I refuse  to remain at peace -
            "The road less traveled" Frost was and is still onto something. We, humans are so scared and dependent: Waiting for someone establish and cultivate a barefaced modus operandi.
Wretched flames amidst sweltering pink ridges
Fresco painting fake faces onto my own I Cover my true self with layers of plastered Self-consciousness I want to be free I want to Peel back every Doubt I’ve had on Why my face
When I had no place to go, your door was closed.  And when I knocked, I heard it lock. So I let the rain cover me, and as it flows with my tears, I know that I will soon have to face the mirrors.
Fidgeting, sweating palms, racing heart- Please relax I say; my insecurities can rip me apart. I'm so scared, on the fringe of fright. This disorder makes me believe that I'm not at all bright.
Entering high school, the stereotypical high school jock, sole focus to be the best on the team and win over the hearts of girls.   Not truly understanding myself, following my father's basketball dreams,
My friends’ minds do not blush at their ignorance, My friends’ ears do not turn red Instead, their flesh molts as a dead thing’s does. From purple to blue From blue to black From disused to diminished
Everyone knows about first impressions They are what determine whether you matter to them Or just someone they will take up their time with To create the next bit of gossip
I hide behind transparency
Dear mom, 
People judge me by the looks and the actions they see daily. It is hard to show them the real me. The reason I don’t show the real me because I’m afraid
I am strong
You don't see me.  
Sitting on the carpet of my square room, my mind raises the curtain. I take a seat in the middle of a vacant theater. Encompassed by red leather, my mind previews. Flashing before me, large and vast is Today.
The real me isn't all that pretty, it isn't something someone would want to see,
The Dragon’s Wings   Fantasy within, reality without, Wings down, curtains up, Straight face, hiding the goofy smile, Professional by day, amateur at night,
I'm Flawless Not because my skin is clear or my body is perfect  Cause I'm Far from both ..  But  because I love.. I love hard ..  I'm flawless cause my loyalty runs deep 
"Shes strong beautiful has the whole world at her hands"  yet shes sad scared and surrounded by everyone yet feels so alone  "Shes Beautiful.."  She Cant stand to take full body pictures  "Shes confident"
That smart young girl who seems to have everything figured out with a bright future ahead yet if you looked deep enough you will find  that everything is broken   Those kind eyes holds pain
My illness defines me, I see no way around it. They don't believe in me, They think me weak,  They think me fragile,  They think me suicidal. The people who should care for me. 
I am a slave to their words, a mutt in their eyes, for bastards like me were not meant to survive, I have the face, the nose, eyes, and lips of a Salabie, a rich man’s name,
This is not a mask but a shell. A formulated architecture Based on Observations Standards Expectations   I am not my mask, my shell Who is the interior He is Numb
Shy girl, heart on her sleeve, with a necessity for independence and to be outspoken.  Typical. 
  It’s not about the voices you hear That makes you hide Or the room full of masks To keep you in disguise
Excited & In Love With Christmas By~ Vannessa Peters I am excited & in love with Christmas.
“So smart.” “So Strong.” “So Brave.” “She’s the one who has it all together.”
Wonderful taste in life when you bite out of l
Popular. That's me. I have a lot of friends I'm confident in myself
If I talk like this, Can I walk like that? Would it be okay? How would I be perceived? Or can you be deceived?   Stereotypes surround me. I think I have found me
Step, breathe in, step, step, step, breathe out. Don't forget to smile. If it slips for even a moment, you suddenly transform into this perceived monster of unpleasant, dishonest and ungracious tendencies. How dare you.
The stories of the Greek Theatre
I do not want them to know How I am just an empty vessel My life has been so dull Ever since I let him go I was supposed to be my father’s hero But I failed him, my negligence unforgivable
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtainShe's shy and insecure, she’s anxious and uncertainShe hides the way she really feels by giggling and flirtin'Hoping no one pays attention to the girl behind the curtain
I smile, I giggle, I say the things I’m expected to say. Never cry, Never yell, My face permanently plastered with a grin. My positivity can be suffocating,
The pressure to meet the mark of a standard that is ever heighteningAnd never compromisingIs seemingly an everlasting presence that can either be disregardedOr
This curtain is one of Carefully painted black lines Swiped across eyelids. This curtain is one of Carefully handled curls Dried in the wind out the car window. This curtain is one of
I am the girl that wears a lot of make up, which hides who I really am. Eye shadow, eye liner and foundation, I wear it all. The make up disguises who I really am;
  I was handed a mask at a very young age. Society offered, and like the rest I took the bait.
  I was once naked because it used to be enough To bear it all bare with not much else but a smile in your eyes and a thought on your tongue
I’m on the inside looking out Biding my time till I can stride out I push and I pull and I purposefully repeat But these durable bonds are unbreakable My unlivable cage is indestructible I yearn to be free
I drift the sea of those who offer you none.But when i witness you being giftedmy heart soars.
They say "I don't get it." They say "I don't understand." "How can someone erase themself, Silently, a perminant end?"   "He was always so happy" they say, "Always willing to lend a hand".
I hide behind an armor of confidence. It shines its' silver on the eyes of anyone who sees it. It seems strong, It seems bold, It seems unbreakable, But this armor breaks away.
There was a documentary on the History channelIt was about how all the gods worshiped throughout all time by all people were the same godHow Zeus was the same as Jupiter, and how Jupiter was Thor and how Thor was Jesus
In the public eye, I am happy, joyous, full of personality, In my bedroom, I am sad, depressed, full of sorrow,
It's not that uncommon to see on the screen,On movies, in books, and in everyday scenes,The portrait, the painting, the one-sided standard.The model of virtue that's held to regard,
I am her. I am that girl who is the most liked in school. I am that girl who everyone loves. I am that girl that everyone admires. I am that girl who all the school boys like.
The greatest lie I’ve learn to tell Is of the facade that I try to sell. By chance or happenstance, I’ll let you decide, Why behind a mask I feel I must hide.   Hard to describe our world as great,
i've been staring at a cold screen, a blank sheet, an empty bed, and a split mind.   torn down the middle-- i've been . . . ripped--through--my center
“Conceal Don’t feel Don’t let it show Don’t let them know” Quoted from the movie “Frozen” And none sadder but truer words have never been spoken See we all hide behinds our curtains and masks of sorts
What is right? What is wrong? 
Do you know the girl behind the mask? Everyone thinks they do; they could not be more wrong.  Photography saved her when pain changed her, Reality made her the very thing she had feared;
Defying realityIs the best part of being me
Read my Mind, Read my Face,
Changes don’t happen overnight;  but if they did, think of it this way: dusk is the beginning of the bad stuff. The darkness sets in slowly, and then all at once,
My directors always tell me to just go whenever I am ready,
I am pure. I am true, but I'm not everything you thought you knew. Hiding behind the curtain, is a nervous, ambitious woman. Many tell me I can't do it. I feel like no one will listen.
Makeup can only cover so much. Eventually, the melancholy will seep through the surface. 
Juniper eyesKalediscopesCold.Bitter.Resting faceSeperated mind from bodyagaintyping rants of equality outcry"Bitch"Like bee-sting.Hurts for a second, Stays throbbing
If sin and Beauty became as one, What astounding creation would be done? Would it not befuddle the mind, A thing of beauty and transgression designed? A flawless child meets the eye,
Loosing Herself In a swirl of expectation she loses herself
In grade 7, I had an idea. A man. He leads a tiresome, boring life, And when he sleeps, He escapes in his dreams. How beautiful, I thought, A man so in control of his dreams.
Lord, Please send me a man, Is what she says...
  Good morning!   How are you?   Fine.   What'll it be today? A coffee? A latte?   Hot? Iced? With sugar? Of course   Will you be using your card?  
Life is like a roller coaster--Psh, that's so cliche.If you really think about itLife does take you on a wild ride
To hold the curtain,  to clench it with my hand every stich meant to be missed curtains on a window curtains on a stage curtains in a hospital room to seperate the pains some to hide the shame,
Dude, you know I was raped, right?
I often wonder how I got here  
Painted across a thin veil That hangs lightly in front of me Is a girl who smiles, And enjoys sports.  She laughs at the right times, And thinks that people singing loudly is annoying.
A rainbow bracelet rests proudly on my wrist. It’s my subtle, colorful way of silently coming out to anyone that cares to look.Frayed strings brush against my palm as I type,a constant reminder to hold back no more.
All is empty then there's war you see first, a ring soon a kingdom.   Train your eyes to become super yet simplicity can do it all.  
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, For he is not the me you're supposed to see. Keep paying attention
I walked on broken glass,
  Beneath The Surface I hide myself
How I long for the center stage To be finally out of this mental cage How I wish to be who I want to be and to live happy, properous, and carefree   But if I show my very true form
Warmth enfolds me. The cleansing current upon my spine, without it I'd be filthy, and safety no longer mine.   I remain concealed, behind this curtain, due to my most solemn doubt.
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
No one sees me because I'm scared. There is hardly anything more pleasant than being like those joyfull people. This isn't me, I want to do without restraint. Its been so long since that has happened. I do it for others since they did it for me.
My mask is quiet lips and shy eyes
Year Zero (Infancy) I am born. I am dependent.
Put on a face Let no one see
My mother earth gave me my shadow. Her heart relished in thieving light out of my body the way that dusk takes wrinkled hands and a sewing needle to stitch the sun into the seam of the horizon.    
The candles set fire, the ambers burn
I am bruised. Let me shed my tears. My life has been fused. I wan to give. No im just confused. I want you to see my fears. Im scared to live. That I lived with all these years.
In the corner, I sit, backstage, small and scared of the world around me. I don't want to move, for fear that I will go far, far away and never come back.   I want no one to look at me
 Bullying is for the weak  Bullying is hard to beat  you have to stay strong  To survive what's inside  You think it will disappear  If you stay hidden within,  yourself and keep it from
she is blue electric music.    she is cocktails and bright neon lights and classic cars and pastel smeared colored flowers.   
You get up just to plaster on a fake smile and laugh constantly, Because that's what people who have their shit together do.
A facade of what you want me to be. You want nice, I am perfectly pleasant You want smart, I am intelligent You want silent, I am mute When people need me I am there
The same weird looks I receive when people hear my last name are the same ones I get when people get to know me.
The man behind the glass mirror striding with the shadows the voice behind the tranquil singer is he deep in care or is he shallow?   He is neither subdued nor self-centered
I hurt him. My first love. I fell hard. I forgot.  I erased. I escaped. I yearned. I fought. I resisted. I regret. I got hurt. I hurt him.
I learned real fast, Life stopes for no one, So I let pride take hold, I learn fast never judge by what you see or hear, Take my faith and believe in the impossible, If you want to change the world,
2 years of battling depression are buried in her chest
All that separates us is a curtain.   The one you’re looking at- The side made of Sugary pink fabric- Is the side I show you. I decorate it with Bright lights of hopes,
Are we really glorified by the outcome? Are we paying the wages of a sin or an ideology? It is shaming us into silence. A two-face lie with another side.
Why should I feel lesser because you are jealous? Why should I feel like I should jump off a moving train because I have friends? Why should my best friend belittle me for making changes in my life?  
Muisc is my life Music is my passion Music is a way for me to release all my emotions Without music, my life would be shattered. What I've been through, What I've seen. What I've heard,
when i see myself the way everyone else sees me i am walking down the hallway smiling at everyone who passes;
Fiting into my jeans is almost as difficult as fiting in with everyone else. The fear of never being wanted is almost as scary as my fear of being "that girl."
One-two and tick-tock Ribbons and lace tied up in a knot Like the one in my stomach, the one in my throat The one in my head that hangs from a rope Give me your hand, tie it up with strings
We put our front to shield ourselves from the monsters on the outside Worried about getting hurt again. My past is filled with despair and depression, And no one needs to row back there.
I am. I am not. I am not to I am not to be I am not to be defined. No one. No one can. No one can place No one can place me. I am the... Night before the breaking dawn....
I am rainy days, butterflies and big hazel eyes. I wonder where the rainbows end and when the sky stops. I see old book pages turn and kites soar through the air. I want to glow with kindness and radiate love.
They are what make us unique, What makes us learn from our mistakes. Everyone has them, so how can you say who has the better mutation? These tiny imperfections are what differentiate us from one another.
She is a girl who puts her family and dearest friends first. A girl who doesn't mind a few critical comments.
Behind the curtains Never let them close Keep your secrets concealed So that no one should know All the pain and the tears Can leave a dessert run soaked wish the problems fade away
it gets so confusingtrying to figure out who you areas you're force fed spoonfuls of stereotypesat such a young age and are isolated because we are different when people realize it.  
There was once a girl born into a world that let’s children live in their imagination, But as she grew there were restraints put on her dreams,
I walk on the stage beginning to shake, Adrenaline pumping through my veins. The lights above so hot my skin could bake, Anticipation takes over my brain. My cast mates around me seem like a blur,
*/ /*-->*/
Melancholy and gray, blank and boring, A new room in a new house. It is a strange place, Filled with strange people. A deserted island upon which, He alone resides.
I don't want it. I just wish, that everyone will stop saying, "It's my fault" "It's all my fault".   How come they're telling me that? Dont you know,
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain, That quiet one, over there. For she is something unusual, Something you should beware.   Pay no attention to the girl who hides
Here's to the quiet girl who no one understood they called her incapable they said she was no good   so, she set herself on a mission to be an actress and a star where she could show the world
There was a conversation that never happened Not even a deleted scene More like a storyboard Lost An idea cut from the first draft    And you are costarring
When you ask me who I am there's so many ways I could view it, 
My dad said once That flaws are what make a woman beautiful It took me eighteen years to believe it  
my sweet love
  They tell me that I’m a quiet girl, an innocent one
  I am Black and White in a world of Grey Everything is fixed, nothing is certain, Separated only by a curtain,
Just because I act the way I act Doesn't mean I really feel it on the inside Life is an act, a play, a show Having the bumpy adventures of a roller coaster ride. Someone once told me that if our heart says it
    Unable - to what?
Underneath the flesh Beyond the superficial things Trying to past the test That society often brings Whats a person to do Underneath so much pressure Trying to make it through
Shuffles of papers of decks of cards Rearrange, restage the stars. “I like stars.”  Reception: laughter.
He opens his eyes and looks at his reflection in the mirror He is lost,He is confused,He questions… Who am I? The answer is not one that is simple,But could be clarified with explanation
The gates have cracked The walls have fallen I don’t want to go back I found myself here I cannot let this go
Dancing in private in a secret place. Looking for ways to win this race. Thoughts of the mind, Tick tock with time. Fear of my very own strength. Wondering if I will go the length. Drastic emotions,
I know my secret self, Do you know that self? It is different than my ordinary primary self. That self is hidden “behind the curtain”. Hidden, hidden.   I know my secret self,
My Reflections As I stand between two mirrors I expect to see my own reflections But I don't The mirror in front of me I see the relfection of a warrior A warrior with a vicious look and a sly smile
I am from pastels, from finger paint and crayons. I am from the dust that settles under a marimba’s wooden keys (Grey, fine powdery enough to make one sneeze) I am from the orchid,
Since the very first day I lived, I looked out at everyone. Each man focussed on his sin, simply correcting what he had done.   Darkness falling on their souls, concentrating on their wrong,
Behind the camera is where I stand. Surveying over the land. There I stand, hidden from view.
Expectations   a cage of too much potential   making my perceived achievements and resultant pride essential   Can I let go?   or does my satisfaction and ego hold me back?  
Eighteen years of backstage passes      Sleepless nights spent looking after the home Faked smiles while out,      bottled tears while alone      
your handwriting in the letter. the way the blood splattered. how gracefully you jumped. and the sound that came from your landing. everything was perfect. except the ending.
On my soul lies a curse It is an evil few can grasp Granted me with a personality bright as molten gold
Just an ordinary conversation With just an ordinary girl Until she raises her sleeves And you see her pain and struggle. You tell her over and over It's not worth it.  But "escape" she says
I've made a deal with Mephistopheles, One signed in crimson blood.  I resigned a significant portion of myself To a hell in which you can't even imagine And for no greater reason than
My first hour I'm a zombie
Smile. Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, keep them all at arms’ length. Perfect. You Must Be Perfect. We live in a society where hating ourselves
People say it’s like burning, but all I get is the ache.Dull and stabbing            constant and ebbing                        etched into my Self in pricklingthrobs.
Me is nerd, Myself is ornithophilous I am determined.  Read, bird-watch, give my A game, All these are in my name. Studying is not only me Playing with my birds is not only myself.
Yes I have the blonde hair Yes I have the soft brown eyes Yes I have the slim figure that doesn’t grow Everything is checked off on the list
4:32 am I sit up and look around my room only to see different shades of black, each just as lonely as the next.
I have done the things THEY want me to do. I have loved the people THEY want me to love. I have concealed myself with things that carry false pretenses. I have changed everything i am for THEM. I have become desperate to fit in.
There is a girl behind a curtain Who cannot be seen. She lives her life hidden From the word around her. Being invisible is her only Protecton from the world.   If others knew who she is,
I wish You all could see The small girl behind the facade.   Behind the facade That does nothing but show off And try to prove to everyone that she is a woman.   When really
I have been boxed and labeled, and am expected to reach a certain location, but I've been lost in the mail, 
Raven cloaks billow around th
I live in a world of crudeness I live in a world full of venom I live in a world which finds victory in sadness I live in a world full of crushed sprits  
Days flew by, blurring in and out of conciousness. Inexperienced and careless,
Ever since my first breath I have always been different In the eyes of others that is. Bullied so ruthlessly I had to change schools.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
My life started out great, My childhood has been glorified by playful memories, Visual symphonies, Playing behind closed eyes, Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all lies, Honestly my mother tried,
Little ones, afraid of the dark, know more than we do. They know secrets are in the dark,
Fear Fear, is what I am made of
When people see me They don't really see me The smiles The laughs The "I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-about-it-all" attitude Is what keeps me safe
    The Shadow Behind the Mask By Samantha Reece  
Walk through the door and I hold my head high, Never will they hear my defeated sigh. Walk a little straighter, come on be a little stronger, Stand a bit taller, you can hold on a little longer.
My own chest seizes at the sound of sobs Watching rose petals fall from their stems with ease Remember  How a touch of sweat will form ink globs
Let me take you to a place Where a curtained creature crawls and cowers covering his face.
Truth is... I don't know many things. I don't know why I hide behind a curtain. Peeking out from the sides in hope that I have an audience
Don't be fooled by the persona I display; I'm a glorious actress each and every day. My vast array of masks harbors my broken soul, sheltering a heart that was never quite whole.
Everyone has different masksfor whoever they're aroundSome try to be the prepor the rediculed class clown
I remember the first day of schoolHow I clung to my dad’s armNot caring whether I looked like a foolCause I thought, as long as my dad stood by my sideI would be safe
I shake his hands, Yet my toes are beneath where he stands. He’s been stomping my toes for hours, Pacing on them as he explains why his belief, should be ours. Any longer and my toenails will fall off,
The bro’s don’t know. That what is within the man is not without. That the truth of oneself does not play out.   The bro’s don’t know. That the late night parties do not fulfill.
I have always found safety in "putting on a mask", hiding myself I avoided vulnerable exposure. Every once and a while I'd find that mask had become stuck. Glued to my face and personality, and I would question who I was.
From a tender age we are told Whether it be by a parent, teacher or other mentor “Be yourself” Like it’s the simplest thing in the world But even if it should be It’s not
I believe in myself to the fullest extent, but cann
She’s just a silly girl She’s more than a little crazy She drops too many classes
Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain, Just look upon the bells and whistles I have placed upfront. But why inquire to see the girl behind the curtain, When you yourself are enacting the same stunt.
Normality: a fleeting illusion. The ones we befriend, on whom our sanity depends, hide behind a joyful facade.
"A Poem Written at One in the Morning on a Random Thursday" or "Maybe Curtains and Masks Aren't So Bad After All" or "A P
I am an immigrant Or so they tell me. I don’t feel different, Like an alien. Yet I am an outsider Looking in. I am afraid to do anything Apply anywhere For fear of rejection.
Respect... such a simple thing yet it is something that is earned
I know I'm not perfect.   Thick thighs and basic brown eyes, Stretchmarks from growing too fast, Calloused fingers from instruments, sports, painting, drawing, writing, clumsiness, and burns,
Paths chosen Certificates received Decisions made  
What constitutes a mask?For me, bright eyes, dazzling smiles,and false perfectionsconceal the truth.
Fat. Ugly. Emo. Gay we've all heard what the haters say.    they act so kind right to our face. but then they talk crap once we're replaced by yet another hater (who hasn't really seen) 
In the dark of the night, a little girl sat upon a swing
Although I will laugh and grin amongst the company of family and friends, behind the curtains I really do hate the B word. I am NOT a B****. So don't call me by that name.
Im fearless and flawless with my feet on the ground And I keep going with my head in the clouds  My heart beat, beats and I'm not slowing down  I stand out from all of the crowds  
You don't know my life story at all, well I am here to tell you.
I woke up like this. Natural. No makeup.   I worked for this. Curls. Products and oil.   I threw this on. Clothes. Skinny jeans and a hoodie.  
When you ignore me you're only hurting me more Life's a journey and there's so much to explore Take me as I am or watch me walk out another door Not for you but for me I'm doing this for
Every person is clothed in beautiful, colorful fabrics, But is it their true value that shows When they dance to the tune that society chose? I hide behind my mask as the time ticks.
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
If I were less afraid I would have turned myself inside out and shown you even the darkest sublevels of my conscience.  I would have scooped out my thoughts Like the innards of a pumpkin
you like b
Some call hidding ones true self a mask but reality is not that simple "mask" is just an icon, a symbol removing it a futile task truth becomes cloudy like frosted glass flask
The outside is built of sturdy wood with a door with corners on a tilt   and windows that adorn. She walks with confidence and strength of a lion.   Unharmed by any hand
There is something holding me back Perhaps a nagging feeling in my head? Every time I see a reason to offer help I tell myself I would jump At the opportunity.  
The Twilight
i don’t know if i forgot what happened
They were so jelous of her, She had the grades, the friends, the atittude. They all wished they were her... And she just wished she was someone else. She hides behind cigarette smoke and prescription pills on her bad days
I’m surprised they never noticed, Never saw my foolish act.
Daughter of an Irish man,
Behind a curtain I am no one But the person in front of the curtain I am Sarah Riddle I am the girl from California North and South Carolina And Japan
Who am I? I'm a joke, an Immature amateur. Gottverdammt it all, You can be sure, no one's heard of me. The real me? Who cares, why would I bother, how could I possibly share myself?
I can’t give all of my heart Because it’s been torn apart,  And that tender look in my eyes Hides my real desire to cry.  
I am 16, nearing the end of the 2nd cycl
Following an empty roadAnd down a narrow path
Wrapped under draped curtains My audience on hold 
I am the real me
Arrant and austere, Highs and lows. No in between Just excessive extremes Of commendable and baneful times, Blissful and despairing moments That altered me Into whom I am.
Chin up Eyes open This is you You are here You are real   The darkness has finally faded No one can bring you down No one can hurt you.   
Pull... back the curtain?What type of blasphemy is this?How dare you,Who know me so little tell me to remove my mask!How little could you know,
I started as a seed small and strong   I was planted watered and given sunlight but I was planted later than usual   A few months later the cold wind came
Behind the curtain Beneath the skin it's different than what's in front Out for others to see Eye contact feels like lasers When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in
Knock, knock goes the true me; the secret me plenty havent seen. I keep her stored away in a locked space.
staring at a crowd- a clique of friends but, alas, I am not one of them walking on the outskirts, outsider looking in sitting in the back, needing some oil for my tin congratulations I'm the first one
Do I need your approval, For anything in my life? Do I need your judging, your input, your thoughts?   I'm stubborn aloof, unemotional. But, I'm creative, ambitious, original.
Who sits in patience  Beyond this veil,
  Accept this  except that 
Behind the curtain is a show worth watching but  will it be like. Different, weird, and out of the box. Show full of hope and love for the world.  Love for nature, peace and animals has a hippy flow to it.
Wipe off your makeup
Back in side this ca
Is this me? Who have I become? Why am I different? This new person seems weaker
Even the most honest person may be hiding part of his true self behind a curtain That doesn’t make him a bad person that just makes him human We all are hiding parts of who we are behind a curtain
The doors open for shows at seven, And prohibit customers past eleven. When the time comes and the clock strikes the hour, Hundreds of people charge into the tower. Swarms of customers all rushing about,
At the break of dawn, after the sun’s come and gone, When it’s pouring rain, when you’re in searing pain, When the icy wind blows, and the gray clouds snow, After two hours of sleep, and all you want to do is weep
PASSION DESIRE FIRE  He warned me before i even knew it  he told me to run before i even knew it but what the hell he gave me a run  the passion he gave me turned into something much more
Seems like it's just me who's wrapped around this curtain.
The beauty of love, Is that it cannot be sought, It cannot be tracked, It can only be found, Sometimes in the most unlikely of places
Skin is not transparent at all Emotions blocked by thick broad walls One’s inner self cannot be freed As fake psyche pervades indeed   A curtain may seem like the same
I speak loudly and I speak proudly about everthing about me Ask me any question and I'll give you a dissertation I wear my heart on my sleeve And so it's hard for people to believe
A quaint term corrupted by yours truly
Nobody knows. Nobody knows the pain she feels,
Let me start off by saying I was a victim, I was beat down and taken advantage of, Three girls, those were my bullies Physically, emotionally abusive. I was told that I'm black and ugly,
I only work in extremes. I am either all in or all out.
just smile because it’s easier than to confess just wave as if somebody could care less just go and maybe you’ll soon progress just stand even if you’re below the rest   they say
They ask me why I never speak Why my face holds a constant expression Don’t tell them now, then they’ll know A face of half-worn smiles and quiet laughs A lack of personality, I think not
I am who i am, idenpendent and strong minded. In today's society beauty  and perfection is all that matters. If im not skinny enough, pretty enough  or perfect enough then that means i'm not good enough.
Dancing around as if no one is watching when there are many eyes  Coming up with catchy tunes that can appear on the radio Dressing in a style that is whimsical, free, and unique
I may not be my mother, tall, strong and bold but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know
I feel like some days there are hands grasped around my ankles preventing [ my escape .]
On the steep ledge, i reached behind me a flower appeared of the ordinary as my eyes started to close the world seemed to immediately freeze i forced my lids open and trembled in the cold quiet breeze
Optimistic. Kind. Successful. It's what I should be. It's what I will be. Needs for love grow daily in the grey eyes of beloved friends. Be happy. Be loving. Be an example.
For some reason you feel like you can look down on me. I am not a rock. Not something you can just kick because in your path I'm a block. Why don't you just see?   I am here screaming.
Let me tell you a story:     It's about a young girl.         Her childhood had no worries,             But one ruthless day changed her world.   Laughter-filled days,     Seemingly endless smiles,
I sit in class bored out of my mind The teacher reads, but I'm far behind Hamlet's asking, "To be or not be?" I'm asking, "Do I want to be me?"   Do I have to decide right here and now?
all of these walls surrounding me  my mask is on, yet still everyone is clowning me i cant take it anymore its time they stop doubting me  these crazy thought across my mind letting all these sounds be free 
You'd be surprised to figure out who hides behind these lies, You'd be surprised to figure out who smiles while in disguise, It's me, the girl who you see smiling all the time,
A Mask, Displayed upon a smooth, ebony, Hershey surface, Framed by the luscious, succulent, crimson lips, Glistening pearly whites, The Mask, Revealed for all the World to see, Concealing truly,
From the Forbidden Tree to the lethal knife From absurd battles to many a worthless strife    The human has been defined by the aforementioned fallacies
The crevices of my soul Are left untouched by the purest of men. They do not craft me, I craft myself. A pretty picture I paint to the world,
In stage one, Society has its own biased opinion, everything is so contradicts. But in Stage Two Society encourages you to become who ever you want to become. But, as always it brainwashes us to be a specific way, 
So much... So much you mean to me
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
Nobody knows the real me
  I am broken and no one will let me be see-through
Doubt is but a stream of negative thoughts Telling you, you cannot do something You aren't good enough
The beige drapery marks the edge of the path I walk it is a heavy wall.   It shakes at my touch, and I can listen to the sounds  that I may never see.   No one can see me,
There is a hole in my heart the place where you should be
Slimy, small, and screaming child, put into Daddy’s arms.   He looks at her, thinks to himself, “No one will do you harm.”   Little princess in the yard, running from a fiend
I wonder if they hear me,  Does anybody know? Everything I keep inside The things that I don't show.   It creeps in on me like darkness, Almost impossible to see; I'm running around in circles
I sit, alone or companioned, staring out to see The faces of those around me: Familiar, yet discordant; seemingly Omnipresent yet never truly there.   I am an artist, I strive to make Dreams
I've heard it said that to see a mans true face, you need only give him a mask. 'Why give someone something we all construct anyways?' I ask. 
The girl behind this curtain is not an easy sight to see. The fasade of happiness that I exude is not reality. What everyone knows is fake; just one of many avatars. The girl behind this curtain has bruses and scars
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
Pay no attention to me, awkward girl
Flawless... long legs, beautiful face, gorgeous body. Those are merely simple definitions that describe a little piece of this passionate word.
We are coming in to an age of technology   An age of exploration and variation and sociology    Everything now is in this language of electricity   
She spoke loud and talks with a voice that unheard of she spoke loud and theres no face revealed
Who do I say, Do I say that I am? What am I now, Am I now that I was? When will it be, Will it be truly me? Where does this end, Does this end with a dream? Oceans rolled,
A curtain you say? I applaud you for that No mere curtain could ever hold me back What's its color? Its make? How tight is it bound?
Quiet that's what I think I am Cool  is what I try to be in school to impress my classmates Responsible when I'm with my family Scared they won't thank highly of me Quiet
Ignore the girl hiding behind the maskshe whispers to me at night"what have you done?""you're so stupid""why would anyone want to care about you?"her whispers raise in volume and venom
Happy, bubbley, smiles from ear to ear. Sweet everlasting laugher fills the room. Everyone says "She's so perfect" searching for a flaw to pick at. But if she is so perfect,
Soft little kitten, not quite yet a cat. Sick of the secure and warm caring lap. Wanted to explore and do things on his own.
Haiku  The Mask almost destroyed me Held me in darkness I knew I must tear it off
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
My drive is singular, self-relient, unparalleled. So please, back five feet away- It is for your own safety. She is composed of the finest leather seats; Durability.
People can only see What I portray of me. A simple girl with a simple life That couldn't be farther from the truth. I hide behind not curtains but walls. Walls so high, so thick, so strong.
That’s the point right?
Behind the mask she hides, counting all her lies Convincing herself she's okay, and everyone else along the way   Afraid to go back to the dark, the past leaves a mark
What is beauty? Everyone has different opinions about beauty. But what is beauty? Beauty can be big, Beauty can be little. Beauty can be light, Beauty can be dark.
I woke up like this,Dark skinned
Bullets fly and music blares at the moon 6 at night. Essay, study, skip the bed,
Who's hiding behind the locked door? No one seems to hear me. Who's behind the curtain? No one seems to see me. Who's hiding behind mask? No one seems to see who I really can be.  Why are you hiding? 
A fallen angel with a broken wing Still she manages somehow to sing Though her song is sweet It's full of sorrow Wasted yesterdays with a promise for tomorow She fell for love
There's a crack in my curtains Where someone could see
Humans carried each other on our backs, evolved and made new discovers. Now what do we do? Bring down, try to overpower and hurt each other with no regrets. Sanity is slowly being lost with ever baby being born into this corrupt world.
I stand before the world in two places,
I see this man.
When  I look in the Mirror I  am Flawless I have two brown eyes that you know are so rare
This is "state of mind"- Mine, but is mind "the dwelling?" Or is it the heart?
Sometimes people tell me that I'm perfect All things considered, I am- On the outside of course; My inside still needs work More work than I'm willing to admit
Masks are a tricky task. Something we can only percieve. They lead to schemes,screams and being mean.   
Living life with a bliss and a kiss placed on needy cheeks, needy cheeks who speak bleak, needy needing nurture needing a hand, which i expand my hand to touch theirs. Their eyes cry as i try to dry
I was quite fearfully made my love for Him continues as my faith remains the same.   The open-minded turn back as for me I strive to be a faithful disciple from His tremendous example.  
Mom, Dad, I have a confession to make
She was whole. Everyday was words From the mouths of those around her Those who she loved Words She wasn't good enough She couldn't do anything right She never met expectations
Look in the mirror...   Dang, that's nice! I like what I see? Maybe...   Look at my grade...   Dang, that's nice! I like what I see? Heck yea!  
It's true, I am perfect. So my friends say as they stare. "Perfect score, good job" says a teacher. Nothing's new, why care?   I go to practice and coach commends me.
It's not easy being sick. Not the kind of sick you can see.  Not the kind of sick that people understand.  The dark, twisted, secret kind of sick  That eats away at you, 
Who am I? to be exact. Well don't we all wonder that. We each think we are one way or another, but act so differently with eachother. Myself, I think I'm curious and smart,
 Wondering if I'll ever be perfect in your eyes I try to stay strong enough to survive the pain I feel on the inside, I feel so lost and hidden while you stand so tall and confident,
On the outside  I'm perfect Golden and true The truth stops there That golden facade It's only skin deep On the inside  I'm better Radiant even
A girl born mid February Such little did they know Soon leaping, skipping, dancing girl They planned to watch her grow   They took her home that very night
They see the
Woke up one day,ready for a change, trying to dream those disney dreams. A bippity boppity boo and my dream would come true, id look like a princess, or maybe even one of those perfect cartoons.
The human hear
Flaws and All   They say,"Just make sense of it all". When all I see is confusion. I let these pieces fall where they may until I'm disillusioned.
He walked the halls with his chest puffed out Everybody knew him as the head of the crowd. His confident smile put warmth in a cold heart, not a soul knowing his heart was the coldest one of all.
When Blue Reflects Upon Waves   I’m staring, always staring, forever staring, No focus in sight, yet a bright future yields token, Novel, arguably plausible possibilities.
A pretty face with dark brown eyes,  
Keep my gaze down,Headphones glued in my ears.Smile at the right moments.Do the right moves, say the right lines,And no one will ever suspect a thing.No one will know that I struggle.
I'm not going to lie I'm full of flaws I'm full of imperfections I'm diiferent, but that difference makes me shine brighter than the sun I'm flawless in my own WAY
Hidden Behind Normalcy By: Mikala Turner   Opportunities run short,  judgement runs long. Potenial never seen  just hidden behind niches.   In the belt of religion,
Living in a world, not knowing any person around you. Living behind a mask, because people won't understand you. Living and caring too much, about what other people think of you.
"Hard work beats talent when talent dosn't work hard." A quote from the superstar Kevin Durant entering his rookie season.   You push so long and feel as if nothing is moving forward,
Beep Beep Beep Beep BeepWake up ugly, here's anouther day to be made fun of.What is that on your face?Anouther pimple?Well it'll have to do.Four pounds of makeup, and you're still barely presentable.
girls are taught to be somebody's  instead of somebodies
They always say love yourself first, other wise, you'll end up hurt. But I'm tellin' you I loved me before. It some how got out of hand and I started loving you more... than myself.
I can't appear from an open curtain, I am quite rather uncertain, because everyone already knows wo I am, I don't understand, How to appear from an open curtain.  
Oh that the lovely flower, which has everlasting powerGhost that holds the flower has taken an hourWho, by chance will grow?And no one will ever showBut, if the winds decide to blow
While she sought an escape, Narcotics became her answer; So I had to drape
Silently in the halls I walk Thoughts and images crowd my head No words exist to let me talk Rogue feelings weigh me down like lead   I've built stories inside my head
I don't understand why in today's world It's sexy to be thin To have so little fat, so little curves It's just bones under skin And among so many beautiful girls  Not one of them loves
Education though, it's awful. I walk into school and want to turn around and go School sucks and should be unlawful. Education though. Education isn't fun but you know what is? Waffles.
Hiding behind a maskExisting only behind a curtainComplete with smoke and mirrorsDon't we all?Trying to be perfect
I am Flawless Not Flawless in the sense of, Perfect bouncy curls that catch the sunlight Smooth skin without blemishes A slim figure, but still womanly These things are not what makes someone Flawless
  Are you stuck behind the curtain Entrapped by the boundaries they set for you Unable to unlock yourself from the dungeon
The hate of the world can beat on you The hate of the earth will make you blue Bitterness can harvest, in your heart Bitterness will make your tongue tart
  Some days the curtain feels heavyweight, gray-scale afternoon when the weight of decrepit trees and lifelessness sits heavy. Thick velvet, aged beyond color Like armor, steel, steals away the light that I seek.
I am hiding behind a wall I've made A wall that tells me to be ashamed Ashamed of who I really am inside It tells me to shy away and hide But I am who I am  And shouldn't have to give a damn 
Forgive me for always wanting to be in love, I know it sounds dumb and stupid. But I rather be in love and feel it’s warmth then hurt from the outcome Of its winter cold.
The mask that I claspIs not one that many can grasp of what lies beyond.
  If I were a window, could I let in only light? Would you accept my faults and worries,
Take a left then a right; look up, and than around Everyone sees greatness while I’m staring at emptiness “Girl, pick your head up” is been pronounce more then the times,  I’ve actually lifted my chin up
Here I am with you over there
In the halls, I am the girl in boots the girl who smiles as she walks by
There is something you will never see.... The true me ,hiding behind all these lies wanting to feell accepted ,wanting to be regonized. I dont want people to think of me boring and she has no life .
My eyes, my lips, my nose, and my eyebrows; not too thin, too wide, just the right amount of narrow… For me to be me my looks are a great deal. I am different and lovely, perfect to my own appeal.
Why say how I got this flawless? Everyones perfect God did not create you jawless. So speak up erect, With dignity and pride. Tell EVERYONE who'll hear No matter who you are, thin or wide
On the outside he's happy Smiling and vain But on the inside he's crumbling Suffering from pain His family life ain't the best No he knows it could be better But he isn't exactly the type
Heart and soul and opinions abound,
  I’m surrounded by a wall That blocks out the sun But keeps out the harsh wind I hate it But its safety
I've been through it all, but you would never know. Rarely do I let my past baggage show. I've stolen, abused, lied and used Who is this person coming to the surface? I'm so confused.
If you only could look through my da
There is no curtain here. Only a show. This is no ordinary show, but one of miraculous proportions.
Here I stand Waiting, Hoping, Praying, Hours, days, weeks go by. Few words and short calls;   Long nights with silent tears. Days of wishing, wanting, waiting. Patience
The best thing in life is to be free. No I'm not talking bout' responsibilities. I'm talking bout' free of one's own self and discovery. I hide behind books that allow me to run wild and free,
Driven, empowered Anything is possible Eyes locked on the sky
  Skin thin as a moth’s wings
As I wake I hear noise Coming closer and closer I see monsters every where destroying most of my family and friends But then I see one coming towards us...
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me, is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what people think, say or do.
You know me as the hapy, funny girl. But you know what, Everyday is a struggle Somedays, I dread to wake up
Windows shuttered Blinds closed Curtains drawn Don't look in Sealed up tight Invisible me Relaxed Lonely Sliver of light Crack in the wall! Warms the skin
Click click click hear we go again these scholarships are free and the money is my friend   i write about my life to be judged by some man am i worthy of your spoils?
Full of flaws or rather deprived of it? Perfection in one or an endless search to reach it, Pondering on things that make me unique, Blurs the reality of who is the real me, In life we’re given two options,
Depression. It's a common theme. I shout in the void, No one hears my screams. Externally though; I have high esteem... Beautiful genes, Role model teen, Homecoming queen,
Chalk dust fingers and Jell-o tongues Aligned wearing Pressed white shirts and sharp blue bows hold Bright coins that fall dull upon the ground hold
I sleep with my body turned inward I curl my toes and arch my back My spine peaks As I hold my sharp elbows over my Hollow chest and Inhale Shallow breaths like cerulean bubbles in waves
Let’s go to the movies, let’s see a show. Heroes, villains, romantic obstacles, love-struck teenagers,
You can hear my voice Is it really your choice? The voice you hear Makes you tremble in fear   Who am I you think Please don't let me sink Drowning in my mind
I'm no Barbie.But I Thought I Should be.Compared myselfTo girls of the Barbie standard.Hurt myselfThinking all about'perfection'.
There was once a time when I hadn't learned, I hadn't yet learned the reason I looked different. Different from my family. A black sheep, believing I belonged for years.
What makes me flawless is my beauty, My beauty is not only on the outside but also in the inside. What makes me flawless is the love that I have towards Rene. My flawless love towards him is unending.
I don't belong here,  at a private University. I didn't belong there, at a public high school, at a community college, or in juvie. I am among the elite, with a horrific secret eating at my soul.
I know who I am . I am one to F    E        E              L Though I am real. Deep down i am hurt, 
I know. We all know.The world is full of hurt and hate. I want you to know I am kind enough to open the gate. I am kind and passionate.  Now stop lashing' at that kid over there. Look at his poor, innocent stare. 
Lost in mind Lost in heart. Clouds lay my mind Confusion rest in my heart. Decision are made Only when the mind is clear. Choices are best When the heart is rest.
How can you decide she was meant to die it's called gendercide and you say that's a lie how could she be the one to blame are you insane you can't control your gender are there rules to this game
You want me to sing you a song, but I'll write you a rhythm getting right down to what is within and I and only I cannot deny these demons inside controlling my mind where right and wrong becomes a blurred line
I gave what I had to give, but it's not enough I did what I had to do, but life is tough
Loud Chords, Heavy Notes Piano, Flute Music Instead of Words Rhythm Over Screams Tempo Opposed to Whispers. Melodies Instead of Words. Hidden Behind a Curtain of Brown Wood and Silver Keys.
Hello, Me.
Here I sit in a dusty old atti
Somewhere between being born and finding you in the land we call living,
I want to leave a mark on the world Not just any colon or comma One that inspires the heart Something bold like an exclamation, Sharp! Within past history whether it be  Black or tan
Born in Christ,Raised in religion,Never have I known a life without faith.My parents are believers;My grandparents were as well.Though in my early years my faith was great,
I am a quee
Counterfeit consequences of "comical" 'capades, Brain's automatic switch to "courtesy" on my face, Eye contact and generous nods Belie the underlying thoughts. Within; I spin,
Missing my heart racing off beat and fasT
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, For he is an introverted tune Purred quietly by a lion, To be hummed along with, Like the mellowing strum of  An acoustic guitar.  
Why love can cause so much pain in life, 
no one really knows, do they? what goes on in your heart. a smile. a laugh. all is well. except, it's not
My wall is in front of me, It's a barrier of sorts, although protective and warm. Behind this wall is my only home, really.   Behind this wall, I can watch people. How friends interact, how they relate,
People look at me they wish that they could be a swimmer like me. My hair has become a beautiful blonde color from the amount of chlorine  that is absorbed by it everyday.
Noises surround me like the streets of New York,
Flawless is now mistakes  Flawless is perfection  Flawless is dents and scrapes  Flawless is scars and brokeness Flawless is you and I  Flawless is loving more not less Flawless is at least you try
My pits are flawless It's a weird trait But it's true Smooth skin Light hair Deodorant commercial quality I love my armpits Few people can say
Hiding behind a smile is exhausting But I'm exhausted anyways Eternally tired No relief I need sleep But no amount of sleep is enough I just want to feel normal But I'm not Self-hate
*/ /*-->*/
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
Engulfed in a deep slumber, I hear the eradicating sound of the alarm clock. As I slowly come to my senses,
they ask me, If you could be straight, would you? but things would've been different if i got to choose,
Hidden so deep that it's hard to find In a deep dark place within my mind Not a sliver of light can pass through
Energy rich, Soul deep The true-self Cannot be broken.  
I am a calm guy who loves hockey. I wonder where I'll end up career wise. I hear the stress my parents exert night after night. I see smoothe ice ready to be played on. I want a life with no worries, stress free.
Can’t you the feel the rain?Can’t you see the tears the stars cry at night,under the moon light?But only you can stop the rain,Only you can soothe the pain,
My hair was too long, but I cut it and it’s too short My mouth was too loud, but I shut it and there’s still sound My heart was still aching, but I broke it and it still beats
Look at that tree All scratched up and worn With it's branches turning  Towards the sun And even with it's diversity It remains flawless The branches provide shade
Who am I, who are you, who are any of us really We hide, we lie, we submit to pressure freely We take what others call weakness And mask it in hate, or strength or meekness not show our passion or our joy
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
You never taught me to not let men beat and mutilate me. You just sat there and watched; Is it because the same thing happpened to you? Exactly like what they have done to you mommy.
I turn to the side and see my stomach fat bulging out,
as i look deep i see myself coalescing into a human being. tell me no holds barred  and i will spit until i am speaking; speaking to an empty room 
I take a xanax here and there to escape my impending doom. I've come to find that life is safer from the comfort of my room.
Tell me why more than fifty percent of us live in the shadows.
I am Flawless by giving advice to my friends. I am Flawless by making my friends laugh when upset.
Life is our ball
Tears, streaming down my face Insecurities, flooding my mind The clock is counting down; Life's a race Of the confidence we're trying to find.   I show you a happy smile; an open embrace
I hide my eyes so you can't see
Shadows of the night Mortal enemy Of my soulless life That once again Has brought to the light What by day I manage To keep buried deep inside me    By day you can see
This is supposed to be about how I'm flawless, right?
The thick red vale that hides my face makes me claustrophobic. The smell of my faults and failures over rides my senses. Let me out. Let me out! Always happy on the outside.
Rebellion. The sweet word  with a combination of freedom recklessness and disorder.   Love it, Break it, Tear it if you will-- I'll scream its meaning loud!  
    Life was suddenly full of glee The mask was somehow now a part of me It’s been a while Since I had a real smile
Woke up, hooped out of the bed then looked at the time looked in the mirror, rubbed my eyes kinda shocked what i find is this thing true, or is this some image that is trapped in my mind
I wear a badge. A badge with no name. A badge with only numbers that identifies who I am. People see me as this number man.    I am one of billions. A worker, masked in weakness.
What better way to reveal yourself than to express yourself? No one knows me here because I have not given them the chance to see inside my mind.
I'm not perfect no one is  but our flaws makes us who we are  flwaless is perfection in the works
The past is hidden behind the wall, But tonight I am the Belle of the ball.
A peice of me is broken inside. The weakness is what I am trying to hide. For years and years, I have been so strong, I do not want people to know what is wrong. Make-up and clothing brands are just objects to aid,
Flawless in more ways than one I am a girl with a flick of tongue, of witt, of fun   I am more than just a girl I am hilarious observant a hurrican of passion  
All the love and lightness dissipated, As they lethargically stroll along. The stranger cannot articulate Exactly what is wrong.   That knowledge is not needed, For the stranger has something planned.
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
The Shadow Behind the Curtain   I guess I like to hide it My secrets at the bottom of the pit I don’t know why I like to hide With my computer and pencils by my side. I never want to draw attention
She's stepped between worlds, conquered her fears Left home behind, dried all her tears   Full of  beauty, and grace She's brazen in her chase   Her road's just beginning
Dying to be loved, because you hurt me so deep. Everything now a days are temporary, noting's for keeps. The words you spoke really got to me.  To get over it, I use humor as my therapy. 
Sometimes it’s hard to be the real me, A mask of solitude, coldness, and shyness; A cloak of invisibility, covering completely.   They think that I’m fine, that I need no one.
People always asking whats so special about me I reply what do you think is flawless in the world that you see
"come out", "come out and play, ive got muffins," They say
What makes us all flawless. We are all not the same. We are unique with beauty of all sorts,
I've never been one for being like everyone else because it was never how I was taught. Although, at the same time, it was both a choice and not an option.   It was a choice not be to be like others,
     I screamed but only piercing silence was heard thus I took my seemingly rightful place as the invisible nerd.
I rise in the morning,  a smile upon my face I look out to the world and realize I'm in love with this place Although my smile crooked and yellow I show off my dimples anyway, and say a happy hello
How can I be me when i look around and people out to judge me, saying untruthful things about me and expect me not to plead. That the things were said untruthful was not for you to believe.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
A silent killer, suicide It creeps into mind But stays inside A silent skiller, suicide You fake a smile But cut your wrist A silent killer, suicide You say "I'm fine"
As a growing Flower i take in positivity from randoms' Parents and Friends Strangers and Lovers   But also i take in Negativity From  Parents and Friends Strangers and Lovers  
Depression is a powerful demon. It takes your happiness and slams it against your own brain and heart. Hope is hard to find, and the end of the constant drowning is unclear.
They say I need to change to be more More what? I say I'm already as good as can be   From my mind  to my waisteline  and even feet- Yes! I say I'm already as good as can be
Partially, everybody is perfect in one way or another Contradicting the way perfect is told to smother,  Others, the beings who are flawless in every way, With top grades, wages that actually pay,
To the girl with the coke bottle figure:Everyone gets dehydrated sometimesThey are thirsty, parched, dry, crunching bonescreaking out for just a sip of you
Society constantly says you're a mess
As I look in the mirror   I see something clearer  
Why is daddy so afraid of losing his princess to tattoos and piercings?
Most days, having a vagina scares me, And it's not because thinking of the giant life force that one day is going to spring forth from it and nestle itself in the crooks of my weary arms and loving gaze.
A girl is hiding, hiding behind that curtain That curtain right there, I know I am certain That is her, that girl hiding behind that curtain She is shy and uncertain and bullied eveyday
Put your makeup on, go to the beauty salon. Get your nails done, my dear loved one. Curl your hair, keep it slim their. run an extra mile, keep your smile Just so they could like you?
The fact is I am HUMAN. I make mistakes Those mistakes prevent me from Continuing my life, Where do I begin? And Where do I end?   Time goes against me, But life always goes on,
Twisters, whirlwinds, hurricanes, and blizzards surround an insignificant ant. Hearing everyone to be this, to do that- pulling me in so many different ways Is it okay to do what I want? What I dream?
When you look at me, you see the young girl with the baby face who is always smiling being nice to everyone because she is always there to help.
i lost myself in my blanketed tomb scars on my wrist and pills on my tongue   couldn't breathe although i tried i tried and tried
Rolling, pushing, Jumping. You feel the vibrations on your feet, the wind in your face, the warmth of the sun.
I am beautiful, inside and out. From my waist to my hips to my thighs, I am satisfied. A full-figured bombshell that oozes confidence in every stride. I challenge you to say I am anything but beautiful.
I just want to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU for breaking my heart THANK YOU for making my life fall apart THANK YOU for the endless nights THANK YOU for the arguments and fights THANK YOU for making me cry
My mask? you ask is made of smiles of laughter of pretending I don't miss you well here's the truth: i miss you everyday... when i remember how you laugh about everything... when i want
Take a second and look at me? Am I everything that I appear to be? You know me for my smile, the constant giggle you hear. I bet you couldn’t imagine what I hide inside. Lonely nights of crying and scars.
The fear of error consumes my brain,    but the concept of intelligence is wrong. My creativity and knowledge becomes mundane.    Their learning how to pass will not last long.  
They never see me, the boys in my classes. I sit right beside one, smiling and laughing at his outrageous stories.  Our eyes lock as he exams the room
I don't do regular, I'm far from it Just makes it sick to your stomach now don't it I do stuff you couldn't do, it's too easy When you hear of my illness baby it'll make you quesy
Who are you to say that im not flawless? I am flawless while you are unpolished.
Every day
You do not know me. You only know the parts of me I have shown you And what a shallow view that is It's staring into a puddle and thinking it the ocean I keep it this way To win your favor
I wear a mask. Not in a literal sense, But I wear a mask. The real me likes everything And sometimes nothing at all. I'm a total girl some days. I love makeup and hair and Gossip Girl.
Curtains open, spotlights directed 
Eyes gawking at me, my inner soul. 
Broke a vase and crashed a car, Told my Daddy I wasn't going far. I choked on stage Tripped and fell I am definitly not hollywood, Oh damn well. Got a drink dumped on my face 
An ordinary albeit introverted young girl   She would make willow-branch crowns  pronounce herself queen of all empty 
I'm a flawless lady made of different parts, it's hard to find the words to start. Everything about me screams flawless. Whether it's the way I walk with my head held high or the aroma I leave when I walk bye. 
I sat here thinking     How am I going to write this?  
Head up not down Lips up not down Nothing more precious and beautiful, than a lady being herself Comfortable in my own skin God made me this way for a reason Won't change for the seasons
#Hi. I'm trying to act like I'm invisible because I know that you can see that I'm not #perfect. But I know that if you could see the real me that is not my blotchy skin or curvy frame, you would be #shocked.
The Real me loves to sing He loves the rain as it falls in the spring that person plays in the dirt The mysterious shaddow loves to flirt What happend to the person i knew
I walked back home that night alone. Desolated and feeling awkward, I could hear the crows above me in the dark skies of the night, wondering why that was.
Walking alone along the sweltering  road, I saw a figure that was unknown. 
Maranda A god damned mess of imperfections that only she can see It's as if someone took a shotgun to her self confidence and left it full of holes She knows she is breaking down every second on the inside from
I can name you every bully I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. I can name you every day I've ever said I hated myself. I can name you every moment that I've ever felt pathetic.
I get up in the morning and what do i see A flawless face staring back at me Through the water its lines crash Out the other side in front of fogged glass Not a blemish or black head marks this skin
Why am I here I ask myself every day To live, to love, to laugh maybe I don't fully understand my purpose Hopes of being something great Dreams of being something amazing I wonder how people see me
Nature is the light
Speak to me, tell me your thoughts
Everyone sees the young, timid girl The one who barely speaks
PHENOTYPE=Me? I'm not satisfied. Not just with me. Or my actions. But unsatisfied with life. Do my feelings even matter if I'm plastered- generic,   A Phenotype?  
Who would I be if “not to be”?
Hiding behind a pseudonym with no shame; My popularity hasn't been the same;
See that girl? Alone, shuttering against the cold, Making her way to point B?   Wearing her hand-me-down jacket and shoes with rips and tears, Only wanting to make it through the day.  
My mask has a bright smile my mask shows my deep dimples one may think I'm in denial, but as you can see, my mask has a bright smile.   I go to school with my mask on I go to church with my smile
Likes to laugh Likes to dance Likes to eat chocolate Cocolate both white and brown Likes to live life as me and only that There is only one me and that is a fact I'm flawless because I'm flawed
You can't tell by my physical appearance, but I have a chronic disease.
This is my peom about how I feel, I never realized how hard itd be to peel, back all the visual standards to better reveal. My inner desires, thoughts turning my wheel. Well here I am, and this is what I'll say,  
I hide behind a mask,  not showing my true self. As i sit here with my flask,  my thoughts all so stealth.
The only way, it seems,
I may seem tall, pensive or just,
Why should I come out, from behind the curtain and give a shout, When the curtain is more of a window? All eyes are on me, But I still want to hide behind my shadow.
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
When I wake up with it, It kisses me good morning.
I'm tired of being your stereotype Of loud and ghetto
Raise the curtain
PerfectionThis is meEveryone must know Shout it from the rooftopsWrite it in the skyI’m Flawless Guys want to be with meGirls want to be meI exude confidence
Up before the sun
To the people around me My flaws are abundant Limitless, astounding, and blaring Like the sound of a siren's scream However, to me They are beautiful creatures Ready to fly and ready to be Ready to take off in the world As if they battle like sol
WHO really am I? When my indentity is swallowen From now becoming stolen Because the bible told me I can't be gay So that identity Is hidden away... And to make sure no one knows
To hide the true self out of fear of unacceptance or vulnerability
They told me that every scar on my body Was just another moment that I survived. That every stretched valley  was a sign of The struggles I've overcome. I didn't believe them until now.
Who am I supposed to be? My friends tell me be cool, be strong, be the life of the party. Do it no matter what even if you act like a fool. Be down for anything and don't trip
Masks all around I am lost in the sound
I tend to hide what's inside I don't know how to express my mind I hide my soul behind brown eyes I want to shout at the world, but get tongue-tied   I wish that people could only see
Will they laugh... Will they be disgusted... Will they disown me... Will they leave me... Will they distort me... Will they give up on me... Our mind comes with a They.
Gemini, they tell me I am Throwing out words like Fickle, unpredictable, Uncontainable, unreliable Excitable, dynamic, Restless and mutable, a proper air sign indeed
I am perceived as sweet and innocent No bad thoughts can cross my mind, I am seen as smart and thoughtful, People seek my intellect all the time Always I wear a smile,
I am beautiful. From the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet. 
I am human. I will break; I will fail; I will stumble and I will fall But: “I will put the pieces back together; I will try and try again; I will find my balance and
I did not wake up like this I grew with love and happiness my family kept me grounded and strong my faith kept me where I belong I might have my faults, don't we all?
A mask is heavy. It weighs down against your soft skin, scratches against the porcelain surface leaving nothing but shadowed marks  that protrude against a pale complexion.
I hide behind many curtains along with anyone I've ever known its a paradox in the sense that we are all hiding who we are from people who are hiding who they are
I see the world in grey,  but I journey my own way.
  Hidden behind my silent smile I stand aware. Encourage the abuse of the tortured? I don’t dare. But I stare, and cry internally, Yearn forever,
The tag
She’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream stuck on the outside of the world. She’s never enough for herself-much less the insiders. The words she speaks are formulated days in advance, rehearsed, edited, scrapped.
The tag It reads extra small Her heart It shatters like a broken wall Every day is harder than the last    She craves the perfection She wants to be known
i am flawless because i wake up every morning and don't want to get out of bed but i do anyways.   and every day, i wear my battle armour;  whether it's red lipstick or my combat boots
Flawless Anyway
Tired eyes, tired man, this dreary countenence is not what I am. I'm a thinker, a helper, a possible friend, and I would love to help in any way I can. The world would say, "No, be quiet and still,
  there's a curtain that hides me i look beautiful  but under my curtain
  there's a curtain that hides me i look beautiful  but under my curtain
Flawless. Flaws of the skin, Flaws from within Lost and damaged Working hard to repair a mental image. You did not wake up like this You're currently looking in the mirror at a far cry from what it is.
As she gets dressed she looks in the mirror
There's never a statute of limitations on an apology. Tell me what makes one think they are greater, or almighty. Behaving ridiculously. disgraced I am ashamed to be your neighbor.
I've been treated worse than dirt for one reason alone,Because my greatest sin,Was living my life my way,I've taken punches and had my hair pulled,
What our culture does not seem to understand is that we are all Different Unique Beautiful In our own way There is not a single definition to what beauty actually is To me, I am beautiful
Marching band.What's the first thing you think of when you hear it?Geeky, out of place kids holding or hitting big pieces of metal,Making stupid 80's references and talking about dungeons and dragons?
Sasha fierce is what they call her Young girls dream of her They want to BE HER, to live LIKE her, sing LIKE her,
Despite the clumsiness
I'm not the best of sons, and it's hard to miss my family when everyday they're part of war. I live with scars that just won't seem to end,  but you know what?  They're my medals and best friend. 
Black hole upon my chest, Set me free and let me rest.   Defying gravity and fate as I may I only break down in tears when I pray.   Tossing in turmoil, repressing violent thought.
Standing in front of a mirror,
She is perfect. Prosperous grades, Belle hair, Admirable girl.   She's stuck up. Favorable grades, Pretty hair, Commendable girl.   Her home is broken but she has
The doors of a shuttered house stand closed You walk up to the desiccated grounds                     No true path No sign of color or vivid life                     No way to get past the hound
How is it that I am under you?/ Why me?/ Am I really that different?/ Am I really easy prey?/ Am I really weak?/ Does it really give you the right to hurt me?/
People everywhere
I've always told myslef to be strong    But what do I do on those days when the tears total to a tsunami; overflowing and chaotic, unable to control  
    A curtain surrounds me, 
10 minutes before the mirror before school before my shirt goes on. 10 minutes thinking
She hides behind her smiling face, for all the world to see,  She laughs, cracks jokes, goes out and plays, everyone would agree.   she's kind and smart, has a good heart, Helps anyone in need,
Nobody is ever PERFECT, we all make MISTAKES I’ve CHEATED on my boyfriend, I’ve LIED to my mother I’ve TRIPPED on my own foot, I’ve COVERED my face in make-up I’ve CURSED to fit in, I’ve CUT my own skin  
A passion for music and a love for dancing
  Soft giggles and laughter of light-hearted child, Fill the air in the warm and quiet neighborhood. The blissful ignorance, the sense of security, unconditional love,
I am young, I am Naïve, and I am gullible. I am old, I am jaded, and I am a realist. My traits contradict each other at every turn I take. My hair is ratty, with multiple dead ends.
I started early, not knowing what to do. I chose the flute so I could whistle They thought I wouldn't seek it through They told me I would quit, like a cat on a thistle   My director didn't like me much
Put it onThat mask I wearA smile for my friendsA laugh here and thereDon’t let them seeWhat lies with inTears that threatenTo flow over the brim 
I am the Queen of Illusions. My power is to make others see what I will them to see. It’s the only way I can properly hide myself, So others can’t see my pain, my tears, or my discomfort.
I am from make-up and pain,
The Dark Side Behind the curtain is darkness Behind the curtain is pain
Not a worry in the world Everything is fine No trouble in your life Not even through mine
Wake up.                                                    Wake up. Get dressed.                                             Force myself to move. Make sure my arms are covered.
Trained ears, Strong mind. Studied mind, Exercised mouth. Hashtag: Feminist. Hashtag: Liberal. Hashtag: Woman. Twitter, Facebook: Platforms. Say it. Just say it.
i am your whisper of strength in the battle cry of your demons i am the promise of a beginnnig, a phoenix  i am the end so long anticipated bittersweet, empowering  
There is beauty in the folds of my skin and the crease in my brow Underneath my matt of hair and freckles There is power behind my quiet voice and my timid thoughts Seeing past my unsureness and doubt
"Pay me no mind, please walk on past don't see the lies behind this smile. Pay me no mind, please move on with your life I swear I'm alright."  
False face. A mask. A covering. Something you use to hide something. Behind my false face I am lost.  To others I appear as a happy and silly person but there is more to it.  Hurt. Deceit. Loss. Pain.
I show them only skin deep Trying to hide my flaws within I cry each night I see only darkness I show them a brighter me I show them a happy soul I smile I laugh When inside I am dead
I am flawless because I am ambitious.  I am flawless because I am beautiful. I am flawless because I am my own person. I am flawless because I have a big heart.  I am flawless because I am loyal.
Symbiosis. Greek. Meaning together. interaction between two organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage  of both.   I am, and have been
Take my kindness as a weakness,
What are you? Why cant you make up your mind? Just pick one? Why do i have to decide Cant i just enjoy this time we are taught that happines is in the future and so we must suffer in the now
  Shield me from the star and i remain the same Bring me to the light and they multiply Skin so pristine with only a few thousand blemishes What is shamed to be obtained
"I'm fine." I smile as I reply,But really on the inside I am screaming, what a liar.I'm so unhappy I can barely breatheI numbly live my life, I can't feel anything.
  Do you think I’m that oblivious? Because I don’t need ears in the back of my head To hear how you think I’d be better off dead Do you think I don’t know about my Bad reputation Mental aberration
I am wise and I am insightful. I am complicated and I am confused.
"We're unbreakable," falls off his lips, As she pushes her pants down off her hips, Second guesses of the whispers she's heard,  Slowing them down so they are slurred,  She feels those whispers against her skin,
  ~style based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"   Am I only here to borrow this unwanted flesh and sorrow? While I hate myself to the deepest core From my mind the loathing rises, onward my heart despises
No one notices They don’t see my pain, sorrow, and loneliness I cry behind closed doors, and dream of nightmares Only sharing my thoughts with myself   I act as if everything is fine and that I’m happy.
A curtain to cover the uncertain, A mask should anyone ask. One must cover the truth to avoid the feeling of ruth. The truth, who wants the truth? Varity is a rarity.
Im not afraid to show it, I dont care if people know it. I love myself. Ive taught myself to think it, I live, breathe, drink it. I love myself. Mirrors use to make me cry, now I dont even have to try. I love myself.
You are the pretty one. The one who is admired.The one who is cheery with minor flawsI am the one that suffers and feels the judgment of your mistakesThe one who is in agony from your so called flaws
I wake up looking in the mirror Brush my teeth My horrid breath no longer existing I change into an extravagant outfit No longer feeling insecure I put on a mask of powder and liquid Feeling perfect
Behind these eyes are hidden lies,That nobody has ever realized.But why hide between those hidden lies?There's no one really by my sideTired of wearin a paper bag, coverin up what's behind my smiles.
I walk down halls of familiar faces every day But are they really so familiar Or are they like me Hiding myself from the outer world Afraid to show people Show people that I am always unhappy
I hide in fear of strength
  I am Me      I am a spring underneath the skies 
Inside my box why see this one? Everyone's boxes are better than mine.
Look at me I’m the perfect picture of daisies, sunshine, and smiles Wrapped up neatly and encased in a pretty pink bow Even my name Kylie Rae Hints at sugar, spice, and everything nice
I want them to know who I am, but dont. I want to be heard and seen.
I want to give you a reason in life To keep on keeping on Put down that razor, you could someday be a wife Nobody wants you gone   Stop crying pretty girl, you are beautiful in every way
Depression, comparisons Oh no you're wrappped in Who is that girl Who sends you in a whirl She has the dainty features While you stand in the mirror looking like a creature Thoughts race, you cry
Flawless. Why, because I woke up like this. 
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
Keeping a level head is what I do best, Achieving my goals is the most important aspect of my life, Treating people with care is my passion, Instructing others is one of my assets, Entertaining is another,
Sitting silently in the front row Taking in the voices around me. My pen in hand  Scribbling in the notebook. Days later the test arrives. Writing as fast as I can,
I walk through the halls looking at people, poeple look at me. I don't care what they think as they pass in silence. This is me. I smile and wave at strangers, as if they're life time friends.
Flawless is not true Lawless is the virtue I seek Awless is what these spreads on PAPER magazine make the men do        Less is what makes the woman's world bleak with the deadly streaks of no mystique  
Flawless is perfection Perfection is having no inadequacy But because i am flawed I am Flawlessly me You see I wasn't made to be without fault I'm proud to say I'm not perfect at all
Who Am I? That's a good question. Everyone would like to know But I push them away
Incorrect, pupil.   Thou shalt not reply in such a fashion. The mannerism of erudite is all but eradicated.   Thou shalt never reveal interest in school- In teachers' wellbeing-
I look in the mirror and I think of all the negative comments people have made to me. From talking  about my big eyes, to commenting on my fluctuating body weight.
Seizures              in ability to move                                    powerlessness               Weakness?              Worthlessness? NEVER! Power! Strength! Heart! Hope!
Our generation will be known for nohing. Never will anybody say, We were the peak of mankind
They step over mountains they flatten our trees, chewing them up and spitting out green- Although they eclipse us mortals on earth Ever taller they tower, over our heads they glower never enough, never satisfied-
i write and i write but how can i describe the feelings that i have yet to experience with words i can't even begin to know the meaning of?
My personality never lacking originality formed intricately by the different motives of my ancestry creating me to be, who I be no matter where I go, it always comes along with me I love it
  She lives on a street The street was composed of a row of houses
Inside my mind I stand inside  A room full of mirrors None of which are any nearer Than the other.... Each mirror is an emotion That I have a devotion For a person or place
there is something wrong in a world where we pour ourselves out to strangers on the internet but our best friends dont know our torment   and there is something wrong in a world where beauty is only skin deep
 Hold on!!!! So you’re telling me I can’t hide behind this curtain So you telling me I have to show everybody the real me The girl who just needs to make her family happy
I wake up this morning seeing me and I wonder what would it be like to be he but I can be he cant you see  through compassion I can be he and she! or just plain me
Flawless/ What is the meaning of this word/ The beauty seen here/ This God/ This God/ This God standing in front of me/ How?/ Is it that I see you here/ I am b
Happy is a smiling face Caring and thoughtful to those who don't know                 Sweetheart, you shouldn't hide
Sometimes my hair is curly and sometimes it’s just messy, Sometimes I wear makeup but most of the time I won’t. I can dress up and I can dress down but what I do is my business – not yours,
I am quirky I am loud I am imperfect I am awkward I get nervous I lose focus I make mistakes I get back up I am powerful I am strong I believe in myself
“Just be yourself,” They would always tell me, “No one likes a fake,” I always heard, Over and over through the years.   Yet, despite everything I was told, All I saw were the hypocrites,
to the man that thought  I would never make it to the man that sneered and chuckled 
Some people burn cold as the mid-winter wind. Some are as hot as the core of the earth. There are a special few who are as cool as autumn but as hot as spring. I don’t blow often, but when I do.
my first time thinking of nonsensical comparisons extravagant words  but why —
I remember when they told me
There she was Laying on her bed Hair messed up Makeup smeared Beaten No will to live No strength to go on No recognition of what self love was
Every day I pass you I smile so you do too Every day you see me you look right through The crows feet and the laugh lines that mark my face Do not stand a chance against the feelings I  case
One less insult whispered sweet For flawless smile, flawless me I’m unbroken from head to feet Seamless lips, don’t they see? I’m perfect, so don’t crush desires
I search for a shadow to be my safe haven I’m condemned to be a lawyer, a doctor, or maybe an engineer, Filled with the hopes and dreams of my parents, I spill blood over the paper because words are my safe haven,
As a child expectations make us. Growing up we feel them break us. the expectation to suceed. The expectation preasure is to much. The preasure is felt harder and harder. Expectations build our struggle. When we struggle we learn.
Take the candle bright and bold, See it dripping red and cold. Hidden deep within herself, Broken with the bitterness. Selfish needs of other people, Beating hearts and bleeding steeples.
Flawless is me, because this is how God made me. Flawless is me, Because God made me this way, And this is how i am gonna stay. Flawless is me,  Because God loves me,
I stand alone in my weirdness, Yes I do. There is nothing special though. I go to school, I go home. I see his face, but I'm all alone. There is nothing special about me, No.
A cry echos as a childs first breath is taken in this world the joy in his mother the pride in his father
You’d never know just looking it her, That each day fights for her self-worth.   A depressed mother, An abusive father.
My world is crumbling, yet I smile. People suspect, but no one knows. It’s just a bad day they muse. Inside I’m broken and worn. A rock can stand against a storm. I am not a rock.
I define myself by my secrets.  I count them like scar marks or ticks in the sidewalk and cloak myself in them like curtains.  I am stitched into a world of sin, but this design is suiting me. 
My life was a cave
There was a girl with beautiful short hair, Blonde as wheat, once so long she chose to share. Pale as parchment with a spread of freckles, She enjoys foods with chocolate speckles.  
There is a girl,
I saw Mars 
The Girl In the Corner, Yes the one all alone, The one who is in the pouring rain, She has had a troubed past, Cuts that are like sleaves going up and up her arm, Her parents both gone,
Depression creeps into my heart, Restraining blood flow from the start. Can't breathe nor think straight. Tears, that I have come to hate, Descend as I began to fall apart.  
Behind the Curtain By David Orosco   I am good at many things, but great at nothing I am an outdoorsman, preferably hunting I have a love for the arts especially music
As I walk in she calls to me
Beauty holds no true shape or matter. It is not tangible. One cannot measure it. It cannot be tasted. Who can define beauty? Beauty can only be created one can choose how to define beauty.
You tell me to Be me, yet  you say its not good enough.   I consider what you say and remember onE thing  
Her eyes are hidden behind storming clouds The voice of a girl who's thoughts were never heard Cuts on her wrist  reveal the pain that lyes with in She Sharpens the blade and cuts her skin  
Do, again, repeat.Look back, remember, repeat.Do, again repeat.Look back, remember, repeat.Three little letters that are a part of meAre why I can memorize things.A-B-C1-2-3Do, again, repeat.
Once a young girl,
I am not just your Facebook Friend, Not a profile picture, Not another one of your precious likes, Not a tag in a post, Or a name in your chat box, I am a living, breathing person,
The only thing people define me by; "The emo girl with cuts on her wrists". Instead of discovering who I really am, they only see my many scars that lie on my wrist.
It Hurts to Hurt the ones that I Hurt. 
Underneath the makeup And underneath the scars, Titanium plates – They break her heart.   Once a pretty face, A joyride gone wrong, Now an ugly memory Is all that belongs.  
"TELL THEM HOW I AM DEFYING GRAVITY" Is what you will hear come out of me because I can sing more beautifuuly than you could ever believe. I scare some people with my sound
Some will walk the earth without a thread on their back They are destined to walk their own path Others are covered; head to toe Drowning in their own personal woe Cowering behind their garbed facade
My dad always told me I was beautiful, But inside I never thought the words were useful. I would never truly believe what he would say, But I would carry on with life anyway.  
Smile brighter than the sun  Skin tone same color as honey  she lights up like gold  beautiful on the outside , and the inside  she is a sailing soul  voice softer than a melody 
I look in the mirror to see my face, But I almost always see just another hopeless disgrace So I put on a show to make them think I'm fine and I put on my mask to hide how much I've cried
The s
Rhyen Williams ***FLAWLESS Poetry Slam November 17, 2014  
One day I woke up Thinking I had had enough This world this life was filling me up with lies that told me I could never be enough But when I looked into the mirror thought about how those words made me feel
Smile, Laugh, Go Crazy You can cry when you get home Stop Talking, No ones listening You have no where to go
I laugh in light of myself And I am made alive Reborn like the phoenix I was born to strive For happiness and content Where my smile saves the day There is no sorrow on earth
Here I stand in my late teens Behind the curtain of responsibilities. And all that's there is an empty shell Doing whatever is expected of me.   I look around and see a world that needs
These people. These conceited, overbearing, ignorant so called friends. I have spent over a year now with these people. I have shared beds with them. I've shared secrets. I have kissed some, I have hugged some.
I am an alien. No, you needn’t be afraid; I simply come here to learn your ways.   My home planet I’ll admit I do miss. It’s called Summer, and oh what bliss.   Before coming
I thought that maybe I had a chance,
A smile, A laugh. Calculative, precise. "What a beautiful young Woman you are, ready to please the perfect Man that is required for a  Healthy Happy  Normal life."
There’s so much miscommunication between the womb and the world
I like to be me thats what I figure I am smart my knowlege gets bigger i am appealing to the eye not a fast girl so don't let dudes just touch on my thigh
I am not a carbon copy of anyone or anything I am not your rag to use until your mess has all been cleaned I am not the nervousness that hits me when I'm asked to speak
I woke up like this! Oh no honey this is work… But you know what?... It is well worth I wake up: Hair a mess I wake up: Sleep in my eyes I wake up: TIRED But you know what? It is well worth
You told me I'd be safe, You told me I'd be free, You said to take your hand and come with me. I listened, I swallowed, I was filled with fear Not knowing of the future that was near.
Hot pink.  VERY hot pink. Bright, happy cheerful. Right? You would think so wouldn't you? But behind it... Theres me. Just me.
I am a girl. I am a woman. I should sit on the toilet, and stare at the wall, or the tub, or the sink. My view should be of the things around me, not the things under me. I am a human. I am a person.
I Need new Jordans I Need a Iphone 6 I Need is really what you want, "But i gotta have it i need it now" The pleasure of what you desire in hand is an amazing feeling. I want water  I want food 
I pulled back the curtain once, You told me it was safe. You saw that I am a klutz,
I look to the sky and think to myself, What if I were anybody else, I've lived this life for many years, But yet I've kept the same two ears, What if I were you? What if you were me?
Tears remain
At what point does One Become two?   Does it experience the growing pains as it's CHAnged And morPHED?   And once  two reaches 3,
Little By Little
Waking up, staying up, worry through my mind I wanted to find a way to have a bond of some kind. I didn't need to be different, you needed to change I woke up that day, with a thought so strange.
The mirror shows, more than you knowAbout yourself, about your life,And the feelings you don't show.The mirror reflects more than just yourselfIt reflects your life in general,It reflects something else. 
All my life I have been trying to fight the world. Ignoring the messages from televison commercials, ignoring the blurps of the radio, ignoring the brightly colored signs that tell me how to be in my body.
Who am I to hide behind a dark red curtan time after time? Who am I to act as if I really don't have anger fits? Who am I to just portray a happy person day by day? Who am I to smile bright
I cannot sleep, the scene is just too beautiful. It's like a huge weight has lifted off your shoulders,
I'm not who you think I am. I am a leader not a follower, but I hide in the shadows of the curtains to avoid conflict. I hide who I am to keep myself safe, People may call me a wuss or a pansy,
Older siblings, older cousins, older adults everywhere. Strict, proper, Catholic everywhere. No C's, no B's, A's everywhere. Do that! Do this! Grow up! Everywhere. Okay, I will.
In this worldWe all competeDo you look good?Did you run a mile?Sometimes we forgetTo look beneath
Who wins you might ask? Well of course, it's up to you. Wether you keep the mask Or be true to you   Life is a game No one wants to play And the only two things that can be quite left
No one can take away persons body or mind I beleive my mind can create the world i want And my body can produce the people in it 
Its who I am, just this girl who'd rather be herself than anything else in this world I'm my own inspiration, no hesitating to change myself for anybody
I Am Alive
In confidence, I'm lacking, I haven't the likings of a model, However I make up for this slacking With an extra special skill, I am in fact the best hugger ever, Whether you're happy or sad,
Turning my heart with a racket trying to break it loose to revel the contents inside reveling who i truly am
pay all attention to the girl up on the stage all part of the show imagination engaged
When your goneits like my world stops.when your gonemy head spins in loops.when your gonemy heart feels hollow.but only when your gone.
The Sea Kelp Wood, for Alden  
Captivated by her beauty, the beast overcomes me.The beast i cannot tame. The beast that tells me who i am. And who i want to be.I see the way you look at her.The way she looks at you.
I wanna tell you everything I wanna let you in But innocence is so long gone Where would I begin? If you were me, you’d do the same You will never know my pain But maybe this time I will fall
Dear Artists,   We all have 3 common grounds of expressions   I. One common idea to keep our feets grounded while the rest of our heads wandering in the universe Because we artists are the universe
To know who you are is a lie what you think or want to be isn't exactly accepted in reality. So I became what everyone thought of me  I believed whatever they taught me .
I started  and stopped 
Let's be raw and emotional here, Growing up, I shriveled away in the corners of the room  enveloped in a young girls insecurities, 
Welcome to my High School Where teachers and students mingle Where the confused kid gets all the love he can Where friends are everywhere Oh look over there That girl just got all those kisses from those guys
To be strong it makes you feel flawless I want everyone to see what I see To be strong means to always take chances Chase the dreams that appear in front of me To stay strong in times that seem doubtful
On the good side of the curtain,  I am the smiling, sweet girl that everyone can see. On the bad side of the curtain,  I am the dying, angry girl that only I can view. On the good side, 
Me. Who am I underneath this costume? They want to define me. I let them. Family is the world. Suffocated by loving arms. I'm cute. I'm smart. I'm gentle, docile,
Looking in the mirror I stand and stare at my bare face Not bothering to hide behind the mask that most girls wear My fingertips glide over the surface of my face
She takes her seat before the glass. The reflection she sees so far from what she feels. “Why do we show the world a mask?” She pondered.  
The true me? Well there's a mystery. Even I, myself find trouble to congregate my thoughts. Maybe that is me-a plethora of lost thoughts? Microscopic thoughts. Dots.
If the light in my eyes
They say Dijah you'd be a baddie if you only lost a couple pounds I'm not going to dit around and act like I ain't thought about it A perfect body is more appealing but it's funny how
Who am I? Behind this curtain I hide, but no one sees me. Confused Scared, lonely Different and not your most likely Candidate for I Don't  truly know. Who I am
Grab your mask From the table Before anything else   Use your make-up So heavily plastered on To help too   Keep it a secret Don't tell anyone They can't know what you do
Oh my hair! Oh my hair! How I love and take such care Don’t look at my face That’s not my best place Oh this hair of mine! In the morning it takes so much time
Behind the smile that everyone sees
"Don't you feel beautiful today?" my mother asks. Her badgering of my clothing, the constant scorn she speaks haunts my mind as I approach my descent.  "Femininity suits you well,"
Flawless? I guess The Best Greatest But, I must Confess That Reguardless how I look I am Impeccable and Immaculate I bet those girls can't relate I'm just too great
She sinks the blade Deep into her flesh, Cutting. Trying. To cut herself OUT.
Some consider it an encumbrance But I use it as motivation There is no reason to have frustration As I grind I know my life is limitless My brother knows my success is imminent During any given situation
Short I am Short I've known this for long time but I just don't undertsand I am Short But I'm tall in spirit   I am short
 Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain. She only comes out when she's all alone. The mask is only taken off when she is by herself.
I am not a perfect weight, I am way heavier than I'd like to be. I am not the most beautiful girl you'll ever lay your eyes on, there are girls way prettier than me. I cant speak French fluently, even though I've been learning it for years now.
Me... I am flawless. I am the definition of flawless from head to toe. Beauty queen and a model whose runway is her room.
When you feel sad, insecure, helpless Worthless, you must find strength somewhere Somewhere that cannot be overlooked Somewhere that is GREAT Somewhere that is positive Somewhere that can't be beat
Flawless me. Flawless me. The only me I wish to be. Though I am full of anxiety. I will continue to be, Flawless me. Flawless me. The LGBT community, Is part of me. Flawless me.
I'm afraid someone will see me at my darkest When no light shine through the clouds So I put on a smile and continue to breath Deeply.   I want to shield you from the cloud and the rain
Seven billion billion billion atoms in  the human body. Each one, creating a different part of a DNA sequence; that makes us different by point one percent. You are ninety nine point nine pecent me, 
  This curtain here is ratchet,  It’s overbearing and quite resilient.  It’s embedded with daggers,  Preventing it from prevailing.    It’s discriminate to all, 
a daisy on the side of the road dust blowing in my face trying to move but my roots keep me grounded is there purpose, what is identity, what sets ME apart form the others? flowers dont move;
Because I'm a broken glass behind the scenesI am an entire home in shamblesI'm only so sturdyThese shelves can only hold a heartAbsolutely nothing else
Once a friend said: "Your eyes are always smiling" That was one of the nicest compliments anyone has given me. My eyes are not anything to "ooh" or "aah" about,
The mask that one presents to the world is not so much a place to hide, but more a fear of whats inside.
A day filled with guilt and pleasure. How could someone defy that which sustains them? Yet how hard have I worked to indulge? Meager dreariness coats the beginning of everyday.
In my younger years I use to come home my face in tears Always told that I wasn’t good enough I tried to keep tough
My door is closed, My life is not exposed, The fear of being seen for who I am, I simply think people don't give a damb.   I will open my heart and my door,  And put my feet stead-fast on that floor,
The corset is now off, Putting all the guard down. What if they should flout or scoff? Sea of shame, go ahead, drown. Fabricating to care, Pitching bad self esteem. Yet they gossip and stare,
Pulgarcita: Thumbelina. Living in the grass. Inquires of the day to day, yet no one seems to ask about the way she seemed to hurl herself into the world.   Pulgarcita: Thumbelina
Two masks,Safety in numbers,One a closed-in clown,Another a screaming shadow,Both pieces of a puzzle,Two numbers of the unbreakable code that hides what’s within,  
"You should come to school with your hair straightened!" Why?   Sorry, Conair, nothing personal. Big, brown, and bushy when brushed, my curly hair is my thing.
I've always been afraid to take this mask off of my face. Afraid that no one will like me and I'll never find my place. Within these brick school walls I hear them laughing and pointing at me.
10     9       8           You count down, It's almost time. 7   6      5         The tears they fall, No going back now. 4
In our early schooling years we were taught to share; The Montessori way. Parents at home continue the route of compassion “Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.
I am the giggle after a dirty joke,
I'm 17 and flawless 
Sealed lips
We werent born the same. Everyone is different mankind has flaws Even the sky has lightning and thunder but who is to say that isnt beautiful? Some people may see the flaws in you
Props and patterns, It's all up to you. How do you choose to feel today? You see, Lately, you haven't been giving yourself enough thanks; Enough paint to finish your masterpiece.
For to show the world who I am inside Would be like peeling off all of my skin It’s easier to cover up and hide Than to try to let anyone else in   I’ve tried to tell my secrets to the world
I woke up like this... Flaw.. with Less makeup
Not another love can compare to you, Or was it even love at all? I had your undivided attention at first, Or was it only for the thirst?  
The first time I rested my head on your chest, hearing the warmth of just you being alive. I felt flawless. Like the beat of music, I am flawless. Coincidng, our hearts beat like that music.
Free money for one's poverty It takes a little bit of "change" to make a CHANGE in society.
I wake up and look in the mirror To red marks and scars on my face and body I cover them with makeup and whatever I can find But what I don't have to cover up is what makes me FLAWLESS
You love me now, You love me never again,
Why does the wind blow on the other side? Feeling as if I'm trapped in my own of forgetfullness
Beauty- how does one descirbe
I Am Not Like Them I’m quiet. I don’t talk around them. I am scared. What if they don’t like me? Inside, a flower ready to bloom. Nobody understands. I want nothing more,
Maybe it's time to take off the mask But why would you do that you ask
see, if you can change your thoughts then you can change your world if you can change your world, you can change your lifestyle dream big, have ambitions, have hope
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain Peeking is not allowed. You want to see her?   Well you can’t.   Direct your attention instead to the façade standing before you
I am inherently by birth a flawed creature I was born from the earth with my mother's heart and my father's features Raised in the darkness just as a lotus would drive forth from the dirt to the heavens above
Guess I don't get it as I get all the credit. I get I'm the President, but without me really trying, GLOW UP getting it's own article made mom so proud-
I wish we were taught how to walk Or to strut, flaunt our stuff To others wearing blindfolds   I wish we were taught how to talk Or to yell, sing and shout To others wearing earplugs  
Beyond the long, red velvet curtains there lies
When people see me they see A beautiful, black woman They have no idea what my story is They don't know the pain in my smile They don't know the tiredness in my eyes They just see what I allow them to see
Teacher, condemn me, For I am not an athelete. Classmates, bully me, For I am not petite. Break me down for what I cannot control. Tear me apart for this illness that began at eleven years old.  
I woke up like this
You are imperfect.
Mr. Nigger (A Mask I'm Forced to Wear)_ _
She laughs She's okay Nothing is wrong They think she's okay She begins to think so too At home she stares at the mirror   Hours pass She takes off her smile Her laugh Her makeup
No one will know; who you really are; Until they understand; all your scars. Behind the smile; a face of tears; Past the laughter; the you who fears; The one who screams; without a sound
I see myself a vision of perfection, Regardless of what my mother says that only god is, If only god is I am god of my own self vision, Anything else is kept to myself as self imprisonment,
I am flawless and yet deformed
Her days were devoured by darkness. Her life was empty, yet she was filled with sadness. Her purpose on earth was often a question.
Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,
Verdadera princesa A true princess A young woman in a big world A first Gen' American 
The dead end sign is just a sign. And that dividing wall is just a wall. Those stereotypes are just words from the ignorant ones. I am better than what you think. I am more than just a minority,
Who is this girl? Always smiling,  always laughing, hiding behind the curtain. 
Quiet and shy, is how they see me, but, is that who I am really? Oh yes, there are things that they do not know, thre are may things I choose not to show.  
The truth is, I fear   (that no one understands: why I threw away the keys, why my heart is locked, guarded by invisible insecurities, that you need more than a knife,
The crown held high upon my head The pain I feel in my heart as I look out  The Kingdom before me filled with dread I hear a man in the crowd shout   "Where is our Queen?"  
I see you here, Great Mango tree. How your steady green leaves go to and fro. How I see myself in you wherever I go. Though you appear tall and strong, without a care in the world,
At the age of 10 she told me I wasn't going to be pretty for the rest of my life
Long blonde hair. Part of that family That big nice family. Everyone knows them in town. Homecoming queen. So small,     So cute,           So sweet,                  So quiet.
Unblemished Without mark or scar Perfect skin free of acne Not a hair out of place Makeup painted on your face Teeth, straight and white   Flaw A mark that distracts from appearance...
This face you see It isn't really me ​Why don't you talk Because I talk a lot Let me hear your voice No, that's a foolish choice You might not like me I'm a far different person than you think me to be
If one laid on a prairie at night, they would experience the world and become awestruck  
Love me, for me
Despair! Despair! Senior Year! It is the end of my  high school career. College 'round the corner. Applications Statements Money money!! Charish it. Senior year.  
I don't wake up perfect and my teeth aren't white but if there's one thing I'm proud of
I’ve never touched a throne, Sitting, overlooking everything I was And everything I could have turned into.   When wings grew out of my shoulder blades I questioned if I would be able to fit through
I used to let beauty define me…..As I gaze at my reflection, I wonder how my life changed so dramatically fast. I went from being one of the popular kids to one of the “losers”. But the funny thing is, this new label does not bother me.
What beauty is to me is not what it is to you Beauty is not measured by the amount of makeup I wear Beauty is not measured by the clothes I wear Beauty is not measured by the sizes of my bra and rear
My face is full of ragged edges andIt will never be new—
I have flaws  but so do you my flaws make me perfectly imperfectly your flaws do to I smile at my flaws with my crooked smile Because I know  I love myself  Flaws and all
Hurt is not an emotion. It is a growth that multiplies with you as you age, spreading like cancer to your heart, and hardening it to the point of never wanting to feel again.
Taking subtle breaths,  I glance both ways and take two steps ahead. Away from the threads  that bind me, I push on  toward the verge.   Sleeves and wishes
"She's obviously vapid because she's going into fashion and likes makeup!" Is what everyone seems  to think when they meet me. Hell, I even played a teacher with this bit. Yes, I am a girl.
I never was the girl who had it all Hell, I was the one who had nothing at all. But here I am, I stand before you proud and tall. No money nor connections, just sheer ambition
In the confines of my mind, There's a serious care of mine, I ask myself why? The struggle is green.   On my way, I've started Relying on others,
"28, 28 there's decisions to make"  
Two worlds stand apart, Separated by only the Moon and the Stars, Connected through a tiny thread,
for the defintion of beauty like the definition of art cannot be defined every wound and scar only to add to the shine for all is valued  they may doubt it but I never will Flaws are beautiful
Reflection of the dew staring back at you The ethereal gleam tearing every seam You and I, or I and you? You amongst the chosen few. Can you see behind the dirt and grime? The uncharismatic whine?
When I was six months old, my father died and left me, He was a mixture of antidepressants and Camel cigarettes. His truck became his casket, as it hit the swaying Dogwood tree.  
Sometimes I'm the Earth. I have a thin Yet impenetribaly dense  Crust all around me.  Nobody is allowed to go in.  Nobody.  Unless they want to burn to death with me. 
Reality fades away, and once again I'm trapped in my mind. I'm left with my thoughts, that scare me with all their doubts.
This mask is starting to feel comfortable My emotions are unknown and so many other little things I know myself but little by little is seems the pieces are fading If I show my real self they won't understand
I didn't  wake up like this I couldn't be any less from flawless My parents weren't around to see me growing into this
I am not flawless im the very opposte I am a hotmess    
you thought this time it would go by the book again it almost always does you know the one it's my own edition maybe but its always the same story or it was supposed to be
Sometimes I show the real meThe one that no one ever seesThe one who doesn't know what see wantsThe one who rarely ever talksThis me doesn't know what to say
One is fearless when one has fears that they overcome.
The fog of my breath leaves a whimper in the air The days merge to weeks as I wait to be found Bound by the restraints of my condescending mind My patience and hope sinks in a drain of my despair
i trythat’s what it isto be humanto trywhen allyou want todo is cryi’ve failedso many timesi’ve brokentoo many heartsi haven’t beenbravethe silver
the whole world smiles with - me? Crazy thick, strawberry blonde "locks", nervously flipping them with an old book and cup of tea, an unexpected special moment of a smile with a stranger
Who is this lady in the mirror? Nerly flawless, intelligent, attentive Cordial, joyous, expected She whimpers   A light shines bright But who would ever notice That the shadows of her face
These walls I put up to protect, In the end, only help to project. This glass from which I hide behind, Only reveals my truest mind.   I built a house around myself, In order to present myself.
Millions of people Crying for help No one can save them Faith is cruel 
I'm messed up
Im beautiful from the flats of my feet  To the shape of my head
Me: -orderly -kind -tactful -driven...                                                 but then there's the part of me that is hidden   Family: -breaking
school is so tough And teachers just want To make it rough.People always want to fight even out in plain Sight. So disgusting, bet these people aren't used to adjusting.
When i say this just know its true, you are beautiful because god made you. You might think your this or your that but just know that your eveything someone looks for , even if you think your fat.
Placed upon a pedestal to be adored and praised, to be admired by all
  My life is amazing no need to change  my life is flawless to me  My flaws  are what make me unique  Thought the hunt comes pain but  thought the joy comes happiness   I'm the image of a butterfly beauty and smart
They tell me, Do your homework, study well, and get good grades, Not caring about what I feel, Identifying me as a number, just another part of the machine,
the Brave know who they are
Your beautiful mind is sick  You see yourself as less than you are  I know you think you're not worth a crap,  But your very being makes me glad I hope you know you're worth more than a mountain of gold
why can't i see beyond your mask?
Walk with confidence Talk with purpose Dress with class Speak with sass Let there be beauty in your air   Be one who leaves them with wonder See who you want to be Line your lips
How heavy was I for 9 months? Was I a bothersome lodger? Did I ruin your sleeping pattern? Through my kicks and summersaults?   As a toddler I ran around You chase and caught me with tickles
Remembering the time when i wanted to get older, thought things would be a lot easier as I`ve seen grown ups do their own way.   As my height grows inch by inch, clothes I wear changed day by day.
I smile, I laugh, and I hold my head high
All great things had small beginnings. We constitute so many complex ideas and Wonderful visions but sometimes we don’t do Anything about it, Like a caterpillar that’s safely in the Shadows under the leaves.
Big dreams with big plans My ambitions evolving, improving each day With adults that have to say "Get a real job" The feel of a clean sheet The satisfaction of a job well done
Things I love can't be summed up But I can say one is the sight of my pup When she wags her tail at me
What am i? Am i my G.P.A?
My skin is not milkyMy hair is not shinyMy nails are not manicuredMy body is not toned My eyebrows aren't tweezedMy teeth are not perfectly straight
I love my dimples I love bellowing laughter I love being loud.   I love violin I loe making punny jokes I love seeing smiles.   I love uniqueness Because I am not like you
the impending sadness I feel runs perpendicular  to the happiness you give me, and the confusion between the two causes so much grief. Unfortunately I do not possess the ability 
The curtain keeps me safeThe curtain is my friendIt is my armor from the judgementsThe viciousnessThe cruelty of others But deep down I know
I'm drowning, unable to swim so I sink. This ain't like no swim at lake, a pond, or river. Not like in a pool but more like the ocean, swimming around in darkness.
Little ole' me been hiding and hidng, I think its time to come out and see? NO MORE HIDING!
When I was just a little girl My mom would tell me how She loved my hair of kink and curl The way she liked it down.
I am sheltered by darkness, For it comsumes me piece by piece. While she shines brightly to others, Burning them with her desperate smile, I am left alone, Being only her shadow for the weak.  
My parents have always told me to be good growing up as a child, a statement I never quite understood,
I am the mask worn to school Intended to fit, intended to fool   I am the mass you wear to work A monotonous gaze, convenient quirks.   I am the mask you wear everyday
My body is the twisted trunk of tree Charred, cracked and broken The branches that reach up the the sky Are filled with lines where scissors tore my skin open My leaves are scratches, freckles, and pimples
If I could list all the things that make me I'd start with a child no older than three It is her battling the noose of cancer--not me   My work ethic stems from two people, not three
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
Who am I? Am I more than that shy, sweet, innocent girl? Do I have more than one face? Am I truly hiding myself? I will tell you who I am... I am me, I AM quiet, shy, and at times sweet and innocent,
Kashiemar Younger Luther Burbank HS Grade: 12 11/13/14
Waiting. My good friend Silence is here His company is comforing in my travels Tunnels of purple and yellow hint of joy Iridescent light spots in the sole of the  Iris Green eyes and a bleeding spirit
My sister chronicled her life in pictures Of sports teams, school dances, and friends Plastered across her walls. My brother chronicled his in memorabilia From sports games, movies, and family trips
Little, can one scrutinize the details of the face. Simply due to the fact that none can see beneath the surface;  the truth hidden behind the curtain of semi-permeable membrane. Behind this layer the real stage lies,
I am me   Can I be me while trying to fit in this square In your square What society wants from me    Cannot  be the same as who I am  Or who I want to be
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
Writing you this poem reflects my lovemakes you doubt, it’s hard to concealAccused to things that’s hard to dealso please erase the doubts above. Trust is like freeing a dove
I am a goddess Fierce and Ferocious
I am ivy and bramble,
Urban schools, recieve no help Play with the cards that we are dealt
The road ahead doesn't’t have a fork in it
Only one is flawless. It's not me. But I am okay with my flaws. They do not define me. I live for a greater cause, the one who is truly flawless. 
I walk with my head up high
Burning with anger Flowing with Flaws I am me And me I am   Rushing with fiery Swimming in Heaven I am me And me I am   Cutting off pain Spitting my fire