Journey To The Center

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 21:59 -- MACKG1


Behind the curtain

Beneath the skin

it's different than what's in front

Out for others to see

Eye contact feels like lasers

When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in

Why is this wrong with me

I can't do this

They're judging me, I know it

The shackles of self-doubt are so present I'm surprised my wrists don't clatter when I move

But it's different that what's beneath

Taking a journey to the center of the earth is what it's like, really

Just like the earth's soil, it's easy to pierce my skin with words of hate and judgement

But dig through the soil, and you come upon a rock wall miles thick

Unfazed and immovable

Words can't penetrate rock. Neither can doubt, fear or intimidation.

So you get through the rock. Think I'm done yet? You're wrong.

Hot magma and iron churns and bubbles at the center

An unrelenting passion 

All the water in the world cannot put it out

Neither can all the hate

This is not a hellish fire, but a fire of hope 

At the center of the earth, it is its' heart, its' soul, its' desire

It lights up with passion, yet stays glowing even when vulnerable

This is a fire that will never be put out

Behind a rock wall that will never be rattled

Behind a body that just seemed so intimidated a few moments ago.

Nice to meet you. 


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