Open Your Eyes


There are thousands of songs

With cheerful melodies

And smiling musicians

That say to lighten up

The world isn’t a bad place

It gets better

The list goes on

But what they don’t tell you is that maybe that storm that had you down

Wont go away for a long, long time.


Life is persistent

And as humans, so are we

But still, we hold our palms and fingers over our eyes

Even if we don’t need to


The world is beautiful

To smell the scent of fresh cut grass

Or my mom’s peanut butter cookies baking in the oven

To hear the sound of my dogs barking

As they bravely guard my downtrodden house

And the chance to see the greatest person I’ve ever met

The one that gave me the courage to put the pill bottle down

And find help



My life isn’t easy

And life in itself isn’t easy

But there’s beauty behind that dark veil

All we need to do is open our eyes


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