C is Sometimes for Courage

I've lived most of my life behind a curtain.

Those tender, shaky

Seconds just before a performance,

Auditoriums and microphones are a part of me.

But when I was younger,

They only meant singing and

Applause. As I have grown, curtains

Have been sewn into a veil that glaze

My eyes, my being.

Parts of my life

 Have become a performance

That I never intended to have,

I want to be an honest open book;

I am

An open book when I want to show you but


Is the deadliest of the seven sins,

And I have it in abundance, shimmering spitefully

In my lions mane and cat eyes, you can see it

If you look hard enough, if you lift the curtains.

Sometimes I still cower at the thought of being ridiculed

by anyone for any mistake I've made but more painfully,

because of something I can’t change.

Who is a more deadly predator

To the lion

Than the lion itself?

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