Mon Petit Chou

Seeing you is like looking up into the sun. 

You're so bright and warm, and you light up my life.

Hearing you is twice the fun. 

Tooting your own horn, and you always being right.

Smelling you is like a hike through the evergreen trees, 

Verdant and always sweetly pleasant.

Feeling you is like a hug from a cuddly bear, 

The comfort is ever-present. 

Tasting you is like the sweetest honey, 

Unfailingly rich and satisfying. 

But even if all my senses failed me, I'd still have one:

My heart, always true and never lying. 

Locking eyes as you tell me you love me,

My ocean grey and gold with your sunburst green and yellow,

Feeling like all the world couldn't possibly know how I feel,

Wanting to profess my own affection with a bellow. 

You drive me crazy, you make me scream

You frustrate me to the supreme,

But no one else could grace my dreams

Like you do all the time;

Happy is just a word; you leave me feeling divine 

With just a look you have chills running down my spine.

Your mind is an enigma that I have yet to figure out,

But give me time and, my dear, leave no room for doubt;

No matter how misty you make me,

No matter how many orange skies we see, 

No matter where, ten years from now, we may be, 

I will always love you more than anything,

Because I know that you love me. 

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