Heroes and Demons

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 13:35 -- 14tkoch


There's a whisper in the air, when no one is around.

There's a presence in the dark, when the world is safe and sound.

Everyone who sees her thinks shes the "perfect ten."

Which would make sense if you were, on the outside looking in.

When the world  is dark and still, that's when they come out and play.

Her demons of the past, she hides them day to day.

Somewhere deep inside, she knows she's not alone,

but she's too busy trying, to mend other's broken bones.

By day she plays the hero, identity never known,

but when she takes off that mask, she feels broken and alone.

There's a constant battle between , her light and her dark.

Sometimes she feels her demons won,leaving too deep of a mark.

As the sun creeps over the horizon, the light in her starts shining.

Even though at times she feels, there is no silver lining.

She takes in the scene, as night turns into day.

Puts a smile on her face, and there it will stay.

Though the hero knows come nightfall,the demons come out to play.

 She knows her strength and courage,will surely help her through.

The girl behind the mask is me, now tell me, who are you? 


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