My Mind: My Wonderland


What is behind the curtain?

Well, no one is completely certain.

For, when you look at me,

You think you can see;

But even I am uncertain.

I have been yearning to tell

My thoughts on singing are swell

I sing in the shower.

I sing every hour.

Of this, I’m sure you will dwell.

My favorite place is home,

Yet, I’d love to see Rome.

My true love is travel;

Of many places, I gravel.

I keep this all in my dome.

There are many things on my mind.

If you look, I’m sure you will find,

My brain will always wonder.

Inside, I’m as loud as thunder.

I am truly one-of-a-kind.

But the thing that keeps me from showing;

The thing that keeps you from knowing,

Is the overwhelming fear,

Of the words from each and every peer,

Everyday, inside it is growing.

I’m sure you can understand,

My mind is in Wonderland.

I may tend to stare,

Because I am always there.

Now you know my brain, firsthand.
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