How to save a Life

In our early schooling years we were taught to share;

The Montessori way.

Parents at home continue the route of compassion

“Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.

Sharing is caring.

Many children are fortunate to open their house and invite a furry family member in:

A dog, a cat, a pig, a rat, maybe something that can fly.

Or something that just sleeps all day.

They don’t speak our language

But these gentle creatures bring us so much joy.


Some will never see or feel the love a real family can hold.

Instead they are abused, discarded like scraps from thanksgiving.

Give thanks by presenting them with warmth, food, and love.

Pound or Prison, they can’t tell the difference.

Living with the burden of their past owners actions.

The fate of these lives are passed on to who ever

Decides to rescue them from such a drab place.

A holding cell with two outcomes:

A family comes in to rescue an animal and provide it with a real family

Or, the county helps “Fido” reach doggy heaven a few years early.

These cast a ways hold the innocence of a child

And the pain of someone who has lost all hope.

Their eyes give you a glimpse of their story.

There is no need to breed and buy while shelter pets die.

Create a relationship that saves and unites two souls,

For the better.

Share your home, share your happiness, and love with blossom.


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